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M’sian Celeb Praised for ‘Handling’ Loud Chinese Tourists by Having Hilarious Conversation with Them in BM!


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Source: Datuk Aznil Nawawi | TikTok

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Chinese tourists don’t exactly have the best reputation when they visit foreign countries. Due to this, locals from many countries have often times had to confront Chinese tourists for their bad behaviour.

This isn’t uncommon in Malaysia either, but 1 Malaysian man is trying something different and is winning the hearts of Malaysians because of his alternative approach to handling Chinese tourists.

Malaysian celebrity, Datuk Aznil Nawawi (also known as Pak Nil), took to his TikTok page to showcase how he decided to have a conversation with a group of Chinese tourists who were talking too loudly on a train to Penang.

Pak Nil 4

He wrote, “The choice is in your hands. It’s whether your want to make the situation worse or the opposite. This happened recently in an KTM ETS, during my journey to Butterworth.”


In his video, he explained how he was sitting in between 2 groups of Chinese tourists who were friends and were talking loudly to each other.

Despite being seating so closely to each other, and having other people sitting between them, they still spoke loudly.

Pak Nil 5

“They don’t know how to whisper. They’re shouting,” he said as the Chinese tourists could be heard in the background.

“They’re speaking loudly. But they’re tourists, we have to be good hosts.”


He then decided to have a conversation with the tourists

Datuk Aznil shared that he did not want to speak in English and choose to speak to the tourists in Bahasa Malaysia.

“Let’s be friends. Because they’ve come to our country, bringing in their money. Let’s introduce them to our Bahasa Melayu (BM). Let’s pretend that we don’t know how to speak in English,” he said.

Pak Nil 6

Pak Nil 7

He proceed to ask the tourists, in BM, if it was cold for them (in the train) and where they were from. One of the tourists quickly pulled out a translation app on his phone.

Using the translation app, he and the tourists had a conversation about the tourists’ travels in Malaysia.

“They’re friendly. They’re our guests, right? It’s beneficial for them, their currency is big, right?” Datuk Aznil told one of the ETS staff who was watching the interaction.

Pak Nil 8

Pak Nil 9

He went on to ask the tourists if they were rich people, much to the amusement of a Caucasian man who was also watching the situation and understood BM.

“Yeah, but if they answer that they are poor, then how?” the Caucasian man responded to Aznil in BM while laughing.

At the end of the video, Datuk Aznil cheekily told the tourists to take a nap and to not make noise.


The whole situation became so wholesome considering the friendliness of Datuk Aznil and the Chinese tourists, as well as the sporting Malay-speaking Caucasian man’s cameo.

Datuk Aznil’s hospitable approach to the situation earned him immense praise from the general public.

Pak Nil 1

“Steady lah Pak Nil, being a good example.”

Pak Nil 2

“Pak Nil is so good!”

Pak Nil 3

“It’s so pleasing, the way Pak Nil handled the situation. They don’t know that they’re chatting with Malaysia’s number 1 TV host.”


You can check out the whole video here


Pilihan di tangan anda. Nak keruhkan keadaan atau sebaliknya. Kejadian berlaku dalam ETS @KTMB baru2 ni ketika perjalanan Paknil ke Buttetworth.

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Source: TikTok
Source: TikTok
Source: TikTok

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