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“They asked the priest to bless my brain” M’sians Share Weird Pre-Exam Rituals They Used To Do



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It’s SPM season and hopefully, the students aren’t only employing supernatural tips to pass their exams!

In case you missed it, SPM examinations begin today with more than 400k students sitting for their exams. This batch of SPM takers is definitely a one-of-a-kind batch as they’re the first group of students whose SPM had to be postponed due to a global pandemic.

For the rest of us, it’s probably been a few years since we last sat for an exam but one thing we can’t forget is the anxiety and pressure mounting up to the exact moment we would sit in the exam hall that’s either too hot or too cold. What’s interesting here is that no matter the outcome of the exam itself, somehow every student will have their own “rituals” that they have to complete before each paper.

We asked Malaysians some of the weirdest pre-exam ritual they went through and their answers DID NOT disappoint!

1. “My parents made me bring my stationeries to go get it blessed at Church. ” (M, 23)

M said that her parents will make her bring all the pens, pencils and other stationaries she’d use in the exam hall to be blessed by the priest.  Not only that, they would even ask the priest to bless her brain!

2. Eat “clever leaf” (Nya, 26)

“My mum made me eat this leaf from the garden to make me smarter. Clearly, it didn’t work!”

3. “I would ONLY use black pens exclusively” (May,23)

Despite students given the freedom to use either blue or black pens, May exclusively used black pens during her exams as she felt it was more professional which might impress the examiner.

4. Eat walnuts as “it looks like brains” (Wan,25)

There’s actually some truth to this as walnuts have a significantly high concentration of DHA, a type of Omega-3 fatty acid, according to brainHQ.

5. “I used to sleep next to my notes as there could be a chance of the notes entering my brain via “osmosis”” (Sher,26)

6. “My mum always asked me to take ginkgo Biloba supplement” (Gabe, 28)

“The supplement was supposed to boost my memory. Ironically, I always to forget to eat them!”

I personally had to make sure my ruler was only at the right angle during any of my papers. We hope all the SPM students out there are giving their 100 per cent and remember, the whole nation is rooting for you!


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