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The Hottest Gastronomical Playground In Town Is Here! Here’s Why You Should Check Out BEYOND


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Malaysians are always on the lookout for extraordinary experiences, like trying out new food that wow us or soaking in the high of rocking live music. Combine those with imaginative art and vibrant lights, and you get BEYOND, a gastronomical experience like no other.

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BEYOND is so much more than just a hip party. It’s a platform that reimagines Malaysian ingredients in its cuisine, paired with game-changing local arts and music experiences, to bring delight to your human senses: Touch, Sight, Taste & Sound.

After a great night out together at the BEYOND launch party (our first post-MCO partay!), we decided to share our thoughts on why you MUST check out this playground for the senses!


1. Local affair with a twist

Beyond Lounge

Encapsulated within the industrial, minimalist environment of Tiffin At The Yard’s historical Sentul Depot, formerly the world’s biggest engineering workshops, we got to savour each and every experience slowly and surely to their maximum potential, just like BEYOND’s locally unique gourmet dishes.

Beyond Food Stalls

The menu at BEYOND is actually curated by Christian Recomio of Sitka Studio-Restaurant and Daniel Yap of GOODDAM, to showcase the best F&B changemakers in the urban area.

Beyond Christian Recomio
Christian Recomio of Sitka Studio-Restaurant

Beyond Daniel Yap Gooddam
Daniel Yap of GOODDAM

Some of BEYOND’s biggest epicurean delights – thanks to this pair and their crew – include:

Alta Burger (Sitka Studio-Restaurant)

Beyond Burger

The Alta Burger is a tongue-in-cheek version of the famous Ramly burger, made better by its handmade potato buns and a rich sauce that definitely tastes Malaysian.


Game Changer (GOODDAM)

Beyond Game Changer 2

Soft parcels of agnolotti (a type of ravioli) filled with house-made spiced braised duck, served with Pomodoro sauce and shaved Buddha’s Hand for a citrusy aftertaste.


Sweet Discovery (Sitka Studio-Restaurant)

Beyond Food Bun

An Italian dessert with an Asian twist! Soft maritozzis (cream buns) injected with oolong-infused cream and caramelised water chestnut for a dreamy dessert.


2. BEYOND The Usual Bar

Beyond Bar

What’s the point of having great food if the drinks aren’t equally awesome, right? Fortunately, BEYOND’s cocktails aren’t just any ordinary drinks – they’re actually inspired by flavours that can only be found in Malaysia, such as the fragrance of pandan and flavourful broth of laksa. Check them out below:

Coco Pandan Chiffon Cocktail

Beyond Coco Pandan Cocktail Rotated

A refreshing concoction brought to life by mixing rum, coconut liqueur, and lime juice with pandan, pineapple, bitter lemon, and finished off with a splash of edible gold glitter.


Grapefruit Laksa Cocktail

Beyond Laksa Cocktail

Who knew you can drink Malaysia’s favourite dish? Daun kesum and daun kunyit-infused gin, together with tamarind, pink grapefruit tonic and edible silver glitter, you have yourself a laksa cocktail!

If you’re a non-alcoholic drinker, worry not, because there are mocktail versions of the above that are equally as good, so you won’t be missing out!


3. Art & music that go BEYOND

Beyond Art

If you’re looking to expand the horizons of your mind, then you’d be pleased to know that BEYOND has no shortage of art exhibitions and music performances to vibe with.

Sputnik Forest 

A marriage between industrial and natural aesthetics for Instagram-worthy shooting locales, created by Sputnik Forest Labs with Xindean Design and Tottie Object.


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A post shared by sputnikforest (@sputnikforest)

Beyond Sputnik Top

Sputnik Forest described the garden shown above that it “works as an artificial frame to tame the wild. When you lose the frame, you set yourself free.”

Beyond Sputnik B

These custom furniture by Sputnik Forest, next to the BEYOND Bar, allows the public to view the other artworks from various angles, gradually leading them to become one with nature beyond their conservative understanding of self.


Kinetic art installation by Tottie Object 

Source: @thetottieobject/IG

Here’s Tottie Object’s write-up about their artwork:

“Beyond the horizon, there’s space. Between the space, there’s nothingness.

These mobile installations express the concept of expansion, branching out from within. As quoted by Alan Watts “We do not ‘come into’ this world; we come out of it, as leaves from a tree.”

The shapes and colours are derived from the organic forms in nature, from molecular structures to microorganisms, from fungi to leaves. All existing and well balanced in their natural order, growing and transcend beyond the grid.”

Some of their works are also featured in Sputnik Forest’s exhibitions – spot them out!



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A post shared by Xindean Design (@xindeandesign.co)


A photography-based art installation by Xia Yi 

Memory / Time Machine

Beyond Xia Yi Art

This built-in rotating machinery of photographs depicts the infinite loop of relieving dreams, memories and past life experiences.


Why Does This Go On Forever and Ever?

Beyond Xia Yi Art Forever

An extension of “Memory / Time Machine”, “Why Does This Go On Forever and Ever?” is a deconstructed interpretation that explores the notion of accumulated dreams, memories and past life experiences surrounded within nature ingrained forever and ever in print.


Shakir’s Projection Tunnel & Light Projection Show

Beyond Shakir Light 2

Beyond Shakir Light 1

Abdul Shakir’s (a.k.a. ‘Grasshopper’) installation reflects the past two years when we’d been trapped within our limits, and that the only way to see outside is through the rectangular shapes around us: doors, windows, phones, laptop screens or TV screens – mere gateways to an escape.

TV screens at the exhibit act as representations of our limitations, and the projections outside of the TVs express the out-of-the-box element to a limitless world. This installation involves both videos on-screen and projections onto semi-transparent cloths.

Beyond Ali Instagram 1


Eye Of The Mind

Beyond Eye First

Remember the times when you couldn’t solve a puzzle or resolve an issue, no matter how hard you tried? Instead of fighting to find the answer, sometimes it’s better to take a breather, clear the eye of your mind, and let the answer come to you – which is what “Eye Of The Mind” is trying to convey. Much wisdom!

With “Eye Of The Mind”, you can play a little game to decipher what words are being shown in 30 seconds! Nothing like a little mind-bending art installation to open up your inner eye and discover yourself.

Beyond Eye Still

Beyond Eye Second



Beyond Nyk Client

Malaysian singer NYK is back on stage post-MCO to perform crowd favourites and new unheard ones that are more similar in style and genre to his debut album UNLOVABLE EP. “I’m performing new tracks from my next project and they’ll be darker and more similar to UNLOVABLE than the bright pop music of SALT.”


4. All Grammed up!

And finally, those looking to fill up their Instagram feed would be ecstatic to know there’s plenty of Instagrammable spots to shoot with at BEYOND!

Beyond Ali Danial Instagram Rotated
Syed Ali & Danial Dashuki


On top of its cool-as-heck industrial setting, BEYOND features AR Instagram filters (in collaboration with Tottie Object) that can be found at the BEYOND Lounge Bar for you to try out, as well as exquisite lighting to up your Instagram game.


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A post shared by Meteor (Coming Teo) (@meteor_ming)

Beyond Danial Instagram Rotated

Great Malaysian-infused food and cocktails, incredible lighting and art exhibitions – what more could we ask for in an awesome discovery for the senses like BEYOND?


BEYOND will be held every Thursday to Sunday, from 3 November 2021 – 9 January 2022.
📍 Tiffin At The Yard, Jalan Strachan, Off Jln Ipoh, Sentul, 51100 Kuala Lumpur.

Beyond Dates Details

Interested to go on a sensorial adventure with BEYOND? Be sure to keep yourself in the loop by registering here and don’t forget to follow BEYOND on Facebook and Instagram to find out how you can take part in this uniquely Malaysian experience!


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