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The 7 Best Items To Buy From IKEA Malaysia To Get Your Money’s Worth!



Source: IKEA & IKEA

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IKEA has always been known as the home of affordable and stylish furniture and essentials. Many Malaysians, I included, look past the “traffic jam” of people with an ultimate goal: whacking everything you set your eyes on. But, it may still be difficult to get the best bargain. That’s why we’ve made a foolproof list of the best buys you shouldn’t miss out on during your next trip to IKEA!

The next time you visit IKEA, make sure to include these in your cart list:

1. Alkalisk Batteries

We all have that one IKEA item that other brands just can’t seem to replace. IKEA batteries are one of those! They tend to have a slightly longer battery life than the others and you can get five pairs of batteries at such an affordable price. What’s even better is that these batteries do not contain mercury or cadmium. Level up your batteries and add this to your cart here

Price: averaged at RM5.90-6.90 per pack


2. Ingo Basic Table

This durable pine table is what every household needs. Made of natural material, this table can be painted, oiled or stained according to preference. As pine has a straight grain and solid feel, it will provide your home with that signature rustic look and age beautifully over time. If you’re worried about how much the table can withstand, fret not! IKEA’s pine table is proven to sustain everyday use in your home for years. Get it here now!

Price: Averaged RM199


3. Lillegerd Sheer curtains

Want to fulfil your minimalist dream home decor? Here’s your chance. These sheer curtains allow daylight to transcend your home but also provides just enough privacy to be used as a layered window solution. These curtains are made of recycled polyester so you’ll be saving yourself as well as Mother Earth. Add this to your home by clicking here!

Price: Averaged RM49 per set


4. Pruta Food Container

Storing food can get messy (trust us, we get it.) To avoid a cluttered fridge or pantry, invest in some Pruta food containers! While other stores may sell two or three containers of various sizes for the price of RM15, IKEA gives you a set of 17 containers for the same price. What a steal! A good set of basic food containers is a necessity for storing everything from cold cuts, cheese to leftovers and individual food portions.

These containers can also be stacked into each other to make extra storage space in your cabinet. Add these to your home by clicking here!

Price: Averaged RM15


5. Frakta Carrier Bag

Surely, everyone has seen IKEA’s signature Frakta carrier bag. While some may use it as a fashion statement, you’d be surprised to find that it’s actually pretty functional as well. From laundry to newspapers, groceries and even gardening soil, this bag is definitely a must-have item when it comes to storing. Save the earth by getting these bags instead of having to constantly buy plastic bags to carry your stuff all the time. Plus, it’s easier to keep clean. All it takes is just rinse and dry. Besides, you won’t have to worry about space because it folds flat.

Get this useful accessory here!

Price: Averaged RM2.50


6. Terje Folding Chair

This foldable chair comes in handy for your desk, dining-room table, barbecue, or any gathering of friends and family. Made of solid hardwood, Terje comes in four different colours. So you can choose between black, knisa dark grey, white or knisa light grey, to match your home’s decor. Check it out on IKEA’s website here.

Price: Averaged RM75


7. Kallax Shelving Unit

The Kallax shelving unit will make your room feel bigger with its multi-functionality! You can equip this shelf with mini shelves, drawers, small cabinets and other compartments to neatly stack your stuff. You can also use it as a room divider as it looks good from every angle. However, this furniture must be fixed to the wall with an enclosed wall fastener. It is advised to use suitable devices for the walls in your home, as these devices are not included with the item. Get this here now!

Price: Averaged RM459

Which IKEA item would you guys get?


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