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Standard 2 Pupil Forgets to Cut Nails, Teacher Trims Them Until They Bleed as Punishment



Standard 2 Pupil's Fingers Bleed After Finger Nails Clipped by Impatient Teacher As Punishment - World Of Buzz
Source: Facebook and Sinchew

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Cutting one’s fingernails is considered a delicate process that needs to be executed with utmost patience and precision, because we know exactly how painful it can get if we accidentally clipped the flesh instead, which is why netizens were enraged when this incident happened.

Recently, a netizen known as Jacqueline took to Facebook to share about how a standard two pupil’s nails were trimmed improperly. Here’s what she wrote:

“A standard two boy forgot to cut his nails and his teacher did this to him. I would like to ask the teacher, ‘how would you feel if I were to do the same thing to you’?”

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

From the pictures above, we can clearly see that there’s blood on the boy’s fingers. This means that the teacher must have probably gone too far and clipped the boy’s flesh during the nail-clipping process. Ouch, that must’ve been pretty painful! 

According to Moretify, one netizen pointed out that this incident took place at a primary school in Kulai, Johor.

After this post went viral on social media, netizens – especially parents with kids in schools – were enraged by the teacher’s ridiculous behaviour. Here’s what they said:

“All his ten fingers were bleeding! It’s very obvious that the teacher did that on purpose! The teacher should not be forgiven, and should be sacked!” an angry netizen said.

“As a parent, I can accept reasonable corporal punishment on my child in school, but this is too much. Only a psycho would continue to trim the nails after seeing the first one already started bleeding,” another netizen commented. 

However, some netizens were skeptical about the incident as they didn’t believe a teacher would do such a thing to a pupil. Hmm, I doubt the boy would do that to himself tho.

Let’s hope that this is the last time we’ll hear of such an incident as it’s quite unsettling to know that a boy had to go through this in school. 


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