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Soundstruck Fest: A Party for Music Lovers



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First off,


Now that I’ve got your attention,

Mark your calendars! Because on 31st May, there’s a music fest going on at The Bee and it’s something you wouldn’t want to miss out!

No, it’s not that kind of music festival you’re thinking about,

edm party

but rather something much cooler and hip.

soundfest poster


Well, Soundstruck is a platform that provide aspiring artists a stage to showcase their music talents. They hold events which feature local indie bands as well as bring music lovers together every last Friday of the month. The cool thing about Soundstruck is that they help new bands kickstart their career in music as well as encourage their passion instead of leaving it as just a dream.

(Aiyo why during my time don’t have such thing wan? Maybe now also become superstar dy lo)

Now, coming 31st is their FIRST anniversary hence Soundstruck is organising a fun and music-filled day at the Bee, Publika and everyone is welcome to come. The best part? It’s free! You can anticipate 8 hours of eargasm performed by 12 local groups and amongst them are headliners such as Wanted Symphony, An Honest Mistake, RELENT and Son of a Policeman (no, we don’t know if he really is the son of a policeman). If you thought the local scene wasn’t your thing, you’d be surprised how good they are and will definitely come back for more. Sides, yours truly will be there!

Here’s a taste of the past events:






(wah! so many lengzai lenglui, must go liao lo!)

Interested? RSVP here.

So come say hi! and support the new acts & existing ones or just be part of the fun!

You know you want to be one of the cool kids 😉

Last but not least, a shout out to the amazing people behind this:
Wanted Symphony
They don't just create good music, but are also people with big hearts who sincerely want to contribute to the 
local music scene by helping new bands grow and gain the confidence they need.

Look out for them, as Wanted Symphony hopes to expand and have Soundstruck over at other states like 
Penang, Johor and eventually Singapore. 

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