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Snoopy Run 2024: Now M’sians Can Join the Most Adorable Run Ever & Bag Exclusive Merch!


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Source: JomRun

As kids, we used to open the newspaper and skip past alllllll the news just to read the comic strips – and that’s how we were introduced to the zany and slapstick adventures of Snoopy and friends! If you’re feeling nostalgic from reading Snoopy’s name or simply looking for a run with an adorable theme, you’d definitely want to know more about Snoopy Run 2024!

On 12 May, Malaysians can run with everyone’s favourite white beagle & score exclusive Snoopy merchandise at Snoopy Run 2024 (powered by JomRun) in Kepong Metropolitan Park.

Here’s how this popular Peanuts character will be lighting up your run:


1. Join the first physical Snoopy Run in Malaysia

Snoopyrun Run

Though we had virtual Snoopy Runs in the past, this is the first time we’ll actually get to enjoy one in person (and it’s officially licensed!). Perfect for both serious runners, friends and families, you can have your pick between 3.5km or 7km runs depending on the type of run you’re seeking. 

Snoopyrun Route

After you finish running circles around Kepong Metropolitan Park, the fun isn’t over yet. Cool down your fired-up muscles with a fun aerobic Zumba session that everyone can enjoy, then take part in a lucky draw to win awesome prizes!

Snoopyrun Itinerary

Snoopyrun Timing 1


2. Paradise for die-hard Snoopy lovers

If you’re a bona fide fan looking to score plenty of beagle-related merchandise, then Snoopy Run 2024 is for you! Regardless of which run you choose, everyone will be entitled to the following limited-edition Snoopy essentials/goodies:

  • Ultron® event jersey
  • Finisher medal
  • Race bib
  • E-certificate

Snoopyrun 7K Basic

Snoopyrun 3.5K Basic

Or if you’re a serious Snoopy connoisseur, then you absolutely should get the Premium Package upgrade. Just by topping up RM99.99, you’ll get to enjoy official Snoopy Run 2024 merchandise worth RM150, including:

  • Drawstring Bag
  • Socks
  • Sports Towel

Snoopyrun Premium

Plus, each entry comes with free refreshments and personal accident insurance, so don’t worry – you and your family will be well hydrated and taken care of~ 


3. Save more with Super Early Bird!

Regardless of which category you’re opting for, you can save more on both 3.5km and 7km runs with Super Early Bird rates at RM68 and RM88, respectively.

Missed out on Super Early Bird? No worries, because you can still save plenty with Early Bird rates (RM88 for 3.5km and RM108 for 7km) before normal-priced tickets are available.

Snoopyrun Price Early Bird


Ahoy! A fun-filled day of fitness with Snoopy awaits!

Snoopyrun Kv

Ready for a memorable (and healthy) day with everyone’s favourite running companion? ? Chup your tickets for Snoopy Run 2024 soon before registration ends on 10 May.

Jom register for Snoopy Run 2024 on JomRun, the leading app in Southeast Asia when it comes to discovering and signing up for the region’s top running and fitness events!

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