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Scammer Tries to Trick Grandma’s RM200,000, Gets Savagely Trolled Instead



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Scams are becoming so rampant these days that if you ask any Malaysian, they will be sure to say that they have almost been scammed before or at least know someone who had been in that situation.

More often that not, these fraudsters left people feeling utterly frustrated. However, this one particular case which happened to an elderly lady has left netizens laughing so hard.

A gangster had called up the woman’s house phone and told her that they had kidnapped her son. Obviously, they wanted money in return for the man’s release but this grandma was too smart for them.

The gangster told her to prepare RM200,000 as ransom money and even told her to meet at a certain place to do the exchange. He said that another man will be there waiting for the money to arrive.

A video of the conversation between the lady and the gangster was recorded. In the 3 minutes video, the woman sounded rather aloof and rugged about the situation.

The brute on the other end of the phone was obviously pissed off as he scolded the elderly woman,

“You motherf- why are you asking me ‘how’. Pay up!”

Obviously, the elderly woman did not have the money.

“You think this is RM200 or RM2,000? If you say RM20k to RM30k then it’s easy. You say RM200k, you wanna scare me to death?

“We are poor people, where am I going to find the money for you? I’ve not even seen such an amount before in my life.”

The gangster obviously wasn’t going to give up anytime soon. He said,

“RM20-30k? You think I’m a beggar?”

“Do you think that if you simply say you have no money then everything will be settled?”

So the elderly woman asked for long term repayment instead of giving him the money in lump sum. Of course, which scammer would want to drag his deceit for so long. He stated he didn’t want to “make it a big deal”.

But suddenly, the ah ma thought of asking what is the name of the kidnapped person. The man was speechless at first but he avoided the question and continued to talk about the money.

Then, the ah ma savagely replied,

“What do you mean I’m crazy? Of course I have to know the name of the person you have kidnapped. Don’t you even know his name?

“If you don’t even know his name how am I supposed to pay the money?”

 - World Of Buzz

This grandma insisted that the man tell her the name which he could not. He end up so frustrated he started to curse at this grandma!

The gangster obviously could not drag on his lie anymore. As the elderly woman continued to epically berate the fool for not even knowing the name, the man suddenly hung up!

Netizens were overjoyed at how the damned gangster got a taste of his own medicine. They applauded the ah ma for her cleverness.

Watch how the woman coolly trolled the foolish gangster here:

Source: Langkap, Perak

This goes to show that as victims of scams, it’s always important to know what are the right questions to ask. So you guys better be smart like this ah ma and ask first before panicking and doing as those crooks say.


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