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Netizens Criticise Sabah Man Who Attempted Suicide But Landed on Car, Pity Car Owner Instead



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Suicide and attempted suicide is commonly looked down on in Malaysia (in fact, it’s still illegal though that may change this year), but that doesn’t mean we should be unkind towards those displaying suicidal tendencies.

A man in Tawau, Sabah had jumped from the fifth floor of a shopping centre and landed on a car. He miraculously survived, suffering a fractured leg and shoulder. According to The Star, the unemployed man is a widower with 3 children, saying that he jumped due to his financial situation and debts.

The MyWatch (@My_CrimeWatch) took to their Twitter page to showcase a video of the incident.

They wrote, “A man experienced severe injuries after jumping from the 5th floor of a shopping mall at Jalan Kuhara, Tawau.”

Though, unfortunately, netizens are finding it too hard to have concern for the man as their hearts seem to be with the owner of the car instead. They took to the thread to comment on their sympathy for the car owner.

Source: Twitter

This comment goes, “Pity the car owner.”

Source: Twitter

This comment says, “I pity the car.”

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This comment reads, “I only pity the car owner.”

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This comment says, “Can you claim insurance for this?”

It’s sad to see Malaysians with such a selective sense of empathy. We should be more fair towards all parties in need of help.

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Mental health issues are more evident in those living in low-income households and poverty as they lack the more basic necessities that we have easy access to hence, we should learn to be more understanding towards those who feel the need to take their lives just as much as we show our empathy for others involved.

Those experiencing mental issues or contemplating suicide can always reach out to the Befrienders via their phone number, 03-7956 8145 or their website: https://www.befrienders.org.my/centre-in-malaysia.

After all, we’re Malaysians, we have enough heart to care for everyone. 


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