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Pitcher Plant Used To Make Lemang ‘Periuk Kera’ Is Actually Nature’s ‘Toilet Bowl’ For Bats & Rodents



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Source: Chien C Lee / BBC
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Yesterday (30th May 2019), we reported that a specific Malaysian delicacy is causing the extinction of local pitcher plants (aka “periuk kera”). FYI, the dish – which is known as Lemang Periuk Kera – is famous in states like Johor and Pahang.

With that in consideration, we have been advised against eating the delicacy to protect the carnivorous plant from extinction. In addition to that, Astro Awani shared that the pitcher plant’s unique relationship with the forest’s fauna is another reason why we shouldn’t be consuming this plant in the first place.

They wrote that the pitcher plant (scientifically known as Nepenthes species) is actually a toilet bowl for mammals like bats and squirrels.

This piece of information was initially shared by a Twitter account named ZoologiMY. In a thread, they elaborated that,

“Periuk kera or Nepenthes sp. has been known to exhibit a mutually beneficial relationship with a certain type of animal. In this case, bats and rodents in particular.”

Apparently, a new study by UBD (University of Brunei Darussalam) scientists states that this pitcher plant mostly survives on bat faeces, specifically those of the Hardwicke’s woolly bat (or Kerivoula hardwickii).

Source: Twitter

The pitcher plant will gain at least 34 per cent of its vital nutrients from the animal’s droppings as it roosts “in the plant’s rounded leaves”. Apart from that, the Tupaia Montana (aka Mountain Treeshrew) also uses the pitcher plant as a toilet bowl. Interesting! 

Thus, for the above-mentioned reasons, ZoologiMY has urged the public to not use the pitcher plants for the delicacy as they have a role in the ecosystem. True that! 

They finally said,

“Their relationship proves to benefit each other, and as a human, we shouldn’t take it as our own. They’re there to benefit the ecosystem.”

They make a valid point, don’t you think? 

You can read the entire Twitter thread here:

On that note, it’s best if we avoid eating the Lemang Periuk Kera as the pitcher plant has been proven to be very important to the ecosystem. Plus, refusing to eat the local delicacy will also help preserve the plant from extinction.


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