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Netizen Warns Public After Being Scammed RM162 via COD Courier Fraud



Netizen Warns Public Of Courier Fraud Following Personal Experience Of Being Cheated RM162 By Scammer - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook

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Scammers looking for easy money today will find 1001 ways of how they can cheat others out of their hard earned cash.

Taking to Facebook, Fatimah Farhana Ali wrote of her experience of unknowingly paying RM168 for something she did not order off an online shopping site.

Sharing her story, Farhana wrote, “This story happened to my husband three days ago.”

Source: Facebook

“He received a call from a courier delivery service representative who said that there was a parcel to be delivered at the front of the house.”

“The delivery person said ‘I am in front of your house, and I need payment for this delivery’.”

Having not checked with the courier company, her husband unknowingly made the payment and thought that maybe the parcel was something he ordered but forgotten.

“My husband was ‘forced’ to receive the parcel and paid RM168.”

Source: Facebook

What happened after that was truly shocking, as the item costs no more than RM5 at the pasar malam. To make things worse, it did not even work.

Netizens commenting on the post also spoke of their own experience of being almost duped by the scammer.

Source: Facebook

Maya Aleeshca Cha wrote,

“The same incident happened to me. The scammer used my Facebook profile name and address. When he arrived at my house, he claimed to be a delivery man asking for payment. I didn’t accept the parcel because I did’t order it in the first place. My father almost paid the man RM150.”

Source: Facebook

Asmida Rustan recalled of her own experience on the matter,

“It was a close call for me. I explained that I have cancelled the order earlier by the delivery man insisting on delivering the parcel. I stood my ground and explained that I would not pay because the delivery man couldn’t identify the sender.

We urge the public to be extra vigilant and take note of the purchases that may have been made online to ensure that incidences like this do not happen to you.

You might want to make sure your address isn’t visible on your Facebook profile either.

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