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Napoh Residents Requests Government For Food Supply As Their Income Gets Affected In EMCO



Source: Berita Harian

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Napoh has been placed under the Targeted Enhanced Movement Control Order (TEMCO) ever since 1 August due to the growing numbers in Sivagangga cluster. The cluster began when a nasi kandar shop owner returned from India but didn’t obey home quarantine rules and hence the infection began.

The situation became so serious until Defence Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Seri Yaakob, announced that these four administrative areas will be placed under the EMCO until August 31. While this is the best decision to contain the cluster, the people of Napoh are facing difficulties and food shortages as their incomes have been severely affected.

Grocery stores around Napoh have been facing a bread shortage since the 4 August.

Bunga Ali, 56, told Berita Harian that she hoped some basic necessities would be provided as they’ve been solely depending on her husband’s monthly RM1,200 salary. Most of Napoh residents are either rubber tappers or farmers who’ve been asked to self-quarantine and have even been given the pink wristband.

“My family and I have been wearing the pink wristbands, my husband is just a famer in the factory and his salary is used to support our two children who are still in school since before the Covid-19 outbreak.”

She added that her husband is a close contact victim as he has bought food from the nasi kandar shop. While they had bought food supplies, they’re unsure if the food will last for the next two weeks.

Azlina Ibrahim, 45, whose husband only earns RM800 as a rubber tapper also hopes for some help from the government as she feels that the TEMCO will affect her family in a big way.

Napoh residents getting a Covid-19 screening.

Despite this, basic supplies are not reaching Napoh as most lorry drivers have also been asked to self-quarantine. A shopkeeper said fortunately the supplies in his shop is still available as there was no panic buying and only one family member is allowed to leave the house.

There’s still no update from the government on the help that’s going to be provided for the people of Napoh. We hope those who are supposed to be self-quarantined obey instructions as your selfishness doesn’t only affect you, but also the people around you.


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Source: Penang Kini

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