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“My health is out of control” M’sian Girl Shares How She’s Suffering From Drinking Too Much Alcohol



Source: iStock & Jia Ying

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A 20-year-old girl from Sungai Petani has come forward to warn others to drink alcohol responsibly and to cherish their body after she suffered (and is still suffering) from several health problems from drinking too much alcohol.

In a Facebook post uploaded on 10 January, Jia Ying said she has been drinking since she was young and would always drink no matter what event she was at. She reasoned that it was okay because she was still young, and even if she drank until she threw up, she would just continue drinking.

“I feel that drinking a lot is very yeng (cool),” she said.

Jia Ying added that last year (2020), she got a job related to bars and began drinking alcohol every day as if she was drinking water. However, she began vomiting blood one day and went to the hospital where she was told that she had gastrointestinal bleeding, which is a common result of excessive alcohol intake, according to WebMD.

But that didn’t stop her from drinking. After getting treatment at the hospital, she went home and resumed her drinking habits.

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In mid-October 2020, Jia Ying said that she began experiencing pain in her stomach and was diagnosed with appendicitis and had to undergo surgery.

“I thought that after a period of rest, I would be fine and I can continue to have fun. How would I know that my health is now out of my control?” she said.

After being discharged from the hospital, Jia Ying began experiencing many health problems and had to take a lot of medicine for her stomach. She said she had a lot of gastrointestinal ‘wind’ which made her feel very uncomfortable and she began losing her appetite from all the medicine she was taking every day. She also couldn’t eat anything spicy or have cold drinks as it would affect her stomach.

Jia Ying in a hospital gown

“My health condition is basically having constant ‘wind’ and always feeling nauseous, like when pregnant women have morning sickness,” she said.

Jia Ying said that she has since tried all kinds of medicines, including traditional Chinese medicine and has taken more than 100 pills in just three months.

“Of course, the money spent is also a lot. I really doubt life these months,” she said, adding that now in 2021, she doesn’t dare to consume things that are even a bit spicy, sour or cold.

“I just want to warn you, it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, you really need to drink in moderation. Don’t think that because you are young you can ignore your body.”

“The most important thing is to eat regularly. I feel like I have a 50-year-old body now. So, please take care of yourself.”


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Source: Freepik
Source: Jia Ying

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