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M’sia’s Orang Asli Women Claim They’re Being Forced to Take Birth Control Injections



M'sia's Indigenous Women Are Being Forced To Take Birth Control Injections, Here's Why - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Atlanta Black Star & Time

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Birth control has always been a tricky situation among women in Malaysia. Taking it has to be a choice considering how risky it can be. Women everywhere have complained of hormonal side effects just because they’ve missed their daily designated timing to take the pill.

Women also take it by choice as it does have its benefits beyond just preventing pregnancy. But, it must always be the woman’s choice to take it.

Source: MCG

So, why are the health authorities forcing indigenous women to be injected with birth control medication?

A few of these women came forward to Parliament in order to surrender a memorandum of understanding to the government detailing their shortcomings, which includes the forced injection of birth control medication.

From the ethnic Temiar women from Hulu Perak that were present, only two were willing to share their experiences on the injection process. 20-something mother of one, Lina from Kampung Ong Jelmol, made it very clear that she was forced into it when she spoke to reporters after the memorandum’s handover.

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“I told them I did not want it, because I heard from others who took it that it can cause you to lose sensation in your body, stomach aches, and others. But in the end, I had to take it.”

Lina also added that her body felt heavy in the mornings for several days following the procedure.

Lina’s fellow villager Sanorah, who is in her 30’s, had been forced to take the injection around 5 years ago and had an even more severe reaction.

“After the injection, my whole body felt painful all over. I was more or less forced to take the injection. Shortly after that, I became pregnant with my fourth child. When he was born, his right hand was not fully formed. I think it could be due to the medicine they made us take,” she said sadly.

Source: ImKiran

Colin Nicholas, the coordinator of the Centre of Orang Asli Concerns was also present at the parliamentary session. He explained that the indigenous people’s poverty originates from their many offspring.

He also added that these procedures have been going on for a long time, as far back as Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s first term as prime minister as he aimed for Malaysia’s population to hit 70 million.

“At the time, it was also to increase the Bumiputera population, for the Malays in particular. At the same time, part of the policy also involved birth control among the Orang Asli.”

But why not find alternatives to these solutions if the current one is causing these poor women to suffer? 


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