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M’sians Share How The Internet Helped Them Survive & Earn A Living During The MCO



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Since the pandemic started, many businesses have taken quite a hit. They’re making less money due to fewer customers as we all try to maintain social distancing. For the people who work for these companies, their livelihoods are at stake. Some are getting their salaries cut and some are getting laid off completely due to the company being unable to provide their salaries any longer.

But people always have a way of adapting to any situation. It’s how we have survived as a species all this time. But now, at what is arguably the height of our existence and technology, these Malaysians have taken charge of their lives with the power of the internet!

1. The man who worked for an international car maker makes it big selling food online

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One netizen who goes by the name John worked for a global car manufacturer, handling strategic marketing for the company in 10 different countries. He left the job for personal reasons and not long after, the MCO came into effect.

John recounts the times he went to a kopitiam near his former office to have his favourite meat dish. Being a huge fan of the dish, he decided to make it himself at home as he couldn’t travel to the kopitiam at the time (it was during the height of MCO).

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His first attempt yielded satisfying results and he made some more to share with his friend who, after the first bite, found it absolutely delicious! John’s friend also shared his cooking with his family and soon enough, more people go to know about it through word of mouth.

Now, John cooks 2-4kg of fresh beef every day and has them delivered almost all over Selangor. He extended his reach even further through Instagram and even got certain individuals interested in investing his little home venture!


2. A drum teacher who continues his job from home via video calls

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While normal schools have gone fully online, music schools are doing the same too! One drum teacher who works at a music school in Selangor has taken to teaching his students online.

“It really doesn’t cost anything and all you need is a good internet connection at home. It’s the best we can do for now and I’m grateful I can continue working so I can pay the rent and put food on the table”

He also adds that there’s not much difference from his students’ side when it comes to learning as they can see and hear him clearly enough to understand and follow his lessons. The only downside about this is for students who don’t have their own drum kits at home.


3. The food entrepreneur who had to close shop and move his business online

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One KL food seller had to close his shop as the maintenance was getting too costly and he was not getting enough customers. After shutting down his establishment, he lived on his savings for a while but he knew that it won’t last very long.

He then noticed that many people are going online to sell their wares so he decided to give that a shot. He brought some of his cooking equipment from his shop back home and started cooking again. At the same time, he managed to get help from his family to spread the word and create social media accounts to help reach out to people that he is still in business.

To his surprise, he received new orders every day from new and returning customers. He said “I wasn’t really sure how I even got back on my feet this way. I just had my kids teach me how to get online and make those social media accounts and I’m reaching more people than I did before when I still had the shop running”.

Besides running a business, being online helps you in more ways than one!

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