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M’sians Living In Tiny Condos Share 7 Hacks To Make Their Houses Feel Bigger 


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For some, living in a small condo by yourself or with your partner is the ultimate dream! But it can also make you feel confined if it’s not properly planned out. However, don’t be fooled by the size. What it lacks in square feet can always be redeemed in the way you decorate it! Don’t know how?

Read on to find out seven very simple yet very effective hacks that you can do to make your small houses feel bigger!


1. Paint the walls bright colours

Pl Wall

The dark-coloured wall will make the room feel more limited.

This might sound like an obvious tip but trust us, it really works! It’s a simple rule of colour: dark colours tend to make things seem closed off but bright colours will open up the space and make it feel wider.

We’d recommend going with soft, bright colours like light blue or green. Or when in doubt, you can always paint everything white. It’s super simple that you don’t have to think much about it but at the same time, super in trend!


2. Mirror, mirror and more mirrors!

If there’s one thing you need to note about home decors is that it’s all about the illusion of the eye, especially in this case when we want to make a space feels bigger than it is. And nothing works better for this than mirrors!


Putting up a mirror in the right place will automatically open up your room, especially if you place it near a window where it will reflect the outside world. You can also opt for glass-top tables which can give you the same effect.

Cabinet Mirrors 1024X640 1

You can also opt for furniture (such as wardrobes or cabinets) with mirrors instead of hanging them.

Plus, just imagine all the spots you can take your OOTDs. Win-win, right?


3. Avoid furniture with clashing patterns 


Although patterns are great at adding some character to a room, it also does a better job at filling up the room. Therefore, when working with small spaces, it’s recommended to stay away from patterns altogether, especially if you have multiple furniture with clashing patterns.

The contrast will give a very cluttered impression to the room. Instead, go for plain furniture but play with the colour palette to not make everything too bland.


4. Hang wall decors near the ceiling

Pl High Shelves Tick

Notice how putting the shelf on the ground will instantly fill up the room even more?

A simple way you can do this is by hanging a book shelf near the ceiling. The function of this is to draw the eyes upwards and give an impression of a high ceiling, which will stretch out the size of the room.

You might think that with a small space, you should avoid very big furniture pieces, right? But actually, by choosing certain floor-to-ceiling pieces like a cupboard that fills up the wall, it can give a tall illusion and trick the eyes into believing that the room is bigger!


5. Choose furniture pieces with long legs

Whether it’s the dining table and chairs or the coffee table and sofa, try your best to choose furniture that have long legs instead of pieces that are completely closed off. This is, again, to play with the illusion of space. If the furniture has long legs, the emptiness between the legs of the furniture and the floor will automatically add a sense of openness to the room.


Notice how even a small corner can seem open?

Yes, even the smallest details will matter! 


6. Pull your furniture away from the wall

Now, this is a very common mistake that is committed by many. We tend to get the urge to push all of our furniture up the wall to create as much ‘space’ as we can. But actually, having one big space you have in the middle of the room will only make you feel even more trapped.

Pl Furniture

Even by leaving just a few inches between the furniture and the wall can make a huge difference!

Instead, pull the furniture away from the wall (even by inches!) and place them strategically so you can have ‘walking room’ in between each furniture. This will create a sense of airiness in the room and it is also helpful to divide the room into different sections to make you believe you have more room than you thought!


7. Opt for multipurpose furniture

To make maximum use of a small space that you have, make sure to pick out multipurpose furniture that you can assign different roles to. For example, a sofa that can double as a bed or a stool that can double as storage. This way, you can store away the smaller things in hidden storage spaces and make the room feels less cluttered.

40C3741Aaa06902C3521572659A96B73 E1608621178570


If you noticed, most of these tips rely heavily on the choice of furniture you make. This is because whatever furniture you choose can really make or break the room in your home. But finding a good piece can really be tricky, let alone to buy things for the whole room! If you’ve faced this dilemma before, then we have some good news for you…

The Perfect Livin Expo is back again and it will be happening over TWO consecutive weekends!

Img 20210101 Wa0001

Did you know that the Perfect Livin Expo has been held for over 10 years? It’s definitely an event not to be missed and this year, it will be held on 25 – 27 December 2020 and 1 – 3 January 2021 and will go on from 11am until 9pm.


What can you expect at the expo?

This year, Perfect Livin will be bringing in some of the best items that you can need for any room of your house! You can expect a wide variety of items ranging from:

  • Home improvement
  • Interior finishing
  • Furniture
  • Textiles
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Electrical appliances… and so much more!

Of course, visitors can also expect to see some crazy deals on their favourite housing items as well as cash vouchers and fun contests where you can register to win exciting prizes. You can also look forward to having experts at the expo that you can seek advice from. Sounds super fun, right?

On top of that, Perfect Livin has also very recently revamped their new website! Now, it’s complete with all sorts of useful functions including:

  • Trend and inspiration
  • Asking a designer for help
  • Tips & DIY
  • A buying guide… and more!
Pl Tips

Their tips and diy page


Pl Designer

You can also seek guidance from their panel designers!

The website will also be the perfect place to visit to find out all about the upcoming home expos they’ll be having so you wouldn’t miss out on anything! Make sure you head on to their site here or you can also keep up with them on Facebook. See you at the expo!


Do you have any other helpful home decor tips? Share with us below!

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Source: Retro Den
Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

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