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M’sians Can ‘Own’ a Perodua With ZERO Commitment & Get a RM500 Petrol Gift Card?! Here’s How!


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Source: Perodua YouTube & comzeal

As Malaysians, it’s near inevitable to rely on a car to travel around for stuff like work, family, food or even just for our own leisure. As the hustle and bustle of Malaysian life persist, cars are regarded as a major necessity for many!

That being said, not everyone has the luxury of owning, maintaining and financing their own car. Plus, e-hailing and car rental services aren’t always reliable due to their limited availability. But what if we told you that there’s a way to ‘own’ a car without being weighed down by long-term commitments? Well, that’s what KINTO ONE specialises in!


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For those not in the know, KINTO ONE is a medium-term car subscription service that offers a solution for Malaysians to drive a new car minus the long-term commitment that comes with owning one! Sounds like a car rental service that just lasts longer, kan? Well, it’s actually much better than that!

At a fixed monthly rate, KINTO ONE has you covered on road tax, maintenance and insurance on top of many other benefits that they offer! Not only that, but they also let you choose between subscribing to a brand-new Toyota or Lexus vehicle or a certified pre-owned Toyota vehicle under the KINTO ONE Value plan!

And for the kereta lokal enthusiasts among us, KINTO ONE now offers Perodua vehicles under subscriptions from as low as RM608/month!

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KINTO ONE has heard you loud and clear! You can now subscribe to KINTO ONE to drive a car from their all-new Perodua catalogue! For the time being, KINTO ONE for Perodua is only available in Klang Valley but they will expand it to be available nationwide soon! Choose from five models in their Perodua roster so that you can sapot lokal on the road with a monthly subscription starting from only RM608!

And for those of you who aren’t sold on driving a Perodua, let’s go through each of the five models offered by KINTO ONE! You’ll see why these cars are more than capable of getting you around town!


1. Bezza 1.0 G – From RM608/month

Screenshot 2023 02 24 063326

More than just your entry-level compact sedan, the Bezza is a fuel-efficient vehicle that delivers exceptional fuel economy which can reach over 21kmpl! And despite being a compact sedan, the Bezza provides ample space in terms of legroom, knee room and boot space, giving it a leg up (no pun intended!) on other sedans in terms of spaciousness!


2. Myvi 1.3 G – From RM798/month

Screenshot 2023 02 24 063807

They don’t call this one the King of the Road for nothing! The Myvi is a favourite among Malaysians thanks to the balance and composure of its suspension, giving you a comfortable ride over even the worst road conditions. Plus, you won’t need to break the bank to drive a Myvi thanks to its fuel efficiency, which lets you travel approximately over 500 kilometres on a full tank! It’s no wonder the King is such a favourite among Malaysians!


3. Ativa 1.0 Turbo X – From RM1,028/month

Screenshot 2023 02 24 064114

As Perodua’s new flagship SUV, the Ativa boasts a lot of nifty safety functions grouped under the Perodua Safety Drive Assist (PSDA) umbrella! With features including Pre-Collision Braking (PCB), Pedal Misoperation Control (PMC), and Lane Departure Warning (LDW) among many others, this new SUV on the block is the perfect embodiment of “Safety First” on the road!


4. Alza 1.5 X – From RM1,028/month

Screenshot 2023 02 24 064440

If you’re shopping around for a 7-seater, then the Alza should be your vehicle of choice! The new and improved Alza 1.5 X is equipped with a lot of the features offered by Perodua’s PSDA with an addition of a 360-degree view monitor, 6 airbags and stability control, making it one of the most well-rounded MPVs in the market!

But if you’d rather go for a different 7-seater then Perodua has something else for you!


5. Aruz 1.5 X – From RM1,178/month

Screenshot 2023 02 24 064724

Different from all the other conservatively designed 7-seaters in the scene, the Aruz shows off various styling cues like an angular front fascia, roof rails and high ground clearance. All this combined would give the Aruz a rugged yet modern look! But if you’re more into function than form, then this MUV has all the superior safety gear and fuel efficiency that the Perodua brand is known for. No need to sacrifice style for safety and reliability when you drive the Aruz!

So many stellar vehicles to choose from, kan? But to sweeten the pot for the month of March 2023, they have another special offer in store for early birds!


Early birds will get a RM500 Petrol Gift Card from KINTO ONE!

Now that’s what we call icing on the cake! Customers who subscribe for a Perodua vehicle before 31st March 2023 will get a FREE Petrol Gift Card worth RM500, courtesy of KINTO ONE! Just imagine what else you’ll be able to buy with all that saved-up fuel money! 🤑


Get the freedom of driving a new car without the hassle of owning one!

Vecteezy Beautiful Businesswoman With Hijab Is Smiling In Her Car 208

Who says that getting a new ride means getting a new long-term commitment? Not KINTO ONE, that’s for sure! With a solution that’s smart, simple and kind to the environment, KINTO ONE offers more than just cars; they offer you the chance to move with peace of mind!

But KINTO ONE’s generosity doesn’t end there! By signing up for their all-inclusive subscription, KINTO ONE offers these perks among many others!:

  • Road tax and comprehensive insurance
  • Wear and tear and preventive maintenance*
  • Requires ZERO downpayment
  • First-in-the-world Shariah-based vehicle subscription
  • Monthly subscription does not add to individual or company credit exposure

And the best part of all this is you’ll get Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)! This means that if you suffer a total car loss due to accidents or thefts, the remaining subscription will be covered by KINTO ONE with no penalty! KINTO ONE, we salute you! 🫡

*Preventive Maintenance included only with the KINTO Standard Package

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And don’t forget, KINTO ONE also offers Toyota and Lexus vehicles too! That means you can get the best of both worlds by subscribing to either the imported brands or our very own local Perodua vehicles!

So how about it? Start enjoying all the freedom of driving a Perodua without any of the commitments that come with owning one! For more information on KINTO ONE and their subscription services, visit their website or follow them on their social media pages:

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