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M’sians are in Love With This Video Compilation of Country’s Most Unforgettable Moments in 2021


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Source: Twitter

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2021 was a rollercoaster ride indeed!

This year has been a tough ride for most Malaysians. Some of the worst obstacles we have had to face this year include the ongoing pandemic as well as the flash floods, which have been devastating events for the country.

But, despite all the horrible obstacles we have been through, there remains a small ray of light which have consistently shone bright in our everyday lives. This ‘ray of light’ are inspiring and positive stories of people being reunited and Malaysians harmoniously working together to help those in need.


What if Malaysia 2021 was made into a movie?

A Malaysian creator has complied all of the most iconic and unforgettable moments that have happened in 2021 into a short movie!

Screenshot 267 1 E1640926888687


The video which was edited and posted by Twitter user @hziqishak, includes the caption “Malaysia 2021… But it’s Epic!

He compiled every iconic Malaysian moment and summarised the most notable events of the year, in just 140 seconds. After seeing the short movie, we definitely think that Haziq did indeed understand the assignment!

Whatsapp Image 2021 12 31 At 13.06.46 E1640927295558


Almost all of the most happy, hilarious, sad and devastating moments that have happened in Malaysia this year was featured in the video which did well to recap 2021 as a whole.

Some of the clips that were included were of the pandemic, the highlights of our sporting achievements in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, viral videos and memes and of course the recent flash floods which happened just a few weeks ago.

Screenshot 274 1 E1640926920629


Malaysians loved the “movie trailer”!

After only 2 days of its release, the video has received over 447,700 views, 27,200 retweets and 26,000 likes. Malaysians simply loved the video!

“The Year End Recap we never knew we needed! Malaysia 2021 summarised in 140 seconds”

Many praised Haziq’s editing skills and loved how he managed to summarise this whole year into a few seconds. Some even said that it’s the best summary!

“What a recap of such a disastrous yet epic year,” applauded one user.

2021 Summary E1640927974373


Users even gave ratings on this year

A Twitter user even went on to give this whole year a rating. From the unexpected plot twists to the climax, the user gave Malaysia’s 2021 a 12/10!

2021 Trailer And Rating E1640927990868


2021 was indeed a rollercoaster ride!

After everything we have been through this whole year, some Twitter users even questioned on how we are even able to stay sane.

“We really went through ALL of that in a year. How are we staying sane.”

“2021 is a crazy year and I almost forgot all this happened for the 364 days because damn,” said another user.

Rollercoaster Ride E1640928005303


Malaysians need a big, warm, long hug

After everything we’ve been through, we totally agree with this user! Malaysians really do deserve a big, warm, and long hug.

Malaysians Need A Hug E1640928021900


This wasn’t the first compilation that Haziq has ever made. He previously even made a recap compilation for 2020, which also went viral!


You can checkout the 2021 compilation video below:


What was the most unforgettable moment that happened in 2021 for you? Let us know in the comments.


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