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M’sian Student Receives Durian During Convo, Becomes Internet Sensation



M'sian Uni Student Receives Durian During Convo, Thought His Friends Were Joking - World Of Buzz
Source: Sinchew

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Why? Because flowers are too mainstream. 

A varsity student recently shot to fame after pictures of him holding a majestic durian – instead of a bouquet of flowers – during his convocation went incredibly viral on social media. That confident face tho…

Source: Sinchew

For obvious reasons, Mohd Ludwig who graduated from Taylor’s University in April was dubbed the ‘durian boy’ following the exposure. When interviewed by Sinchew, he told the press he still couldn’t believe that holding a durian during his convocation would make him famous on Facebook.

“This durian was given to me by three of my best friends. Our group loves durian so much to the extent that we can actually eat durian every day.” 

“That’s why they chose the durian as my convocation gift. Besides, the price of a bouquet of flowers sold during convocation is very expensive. Durian is a more sensible choice as I could eat it at the end of the day.”

#Throwback to the day he received the durian, he was shocked as he didn’t think his friends would seriously give him the thorny fruit. As such, he thought they were just pulling his leg. Though it was weird to hold a durian that way, he soon got a hang of it.

Source: Sinchew

He admitted that by the end of the day, his arms were a little tired as the durian wasn’t exactly light. When asked about the fate of the durian, Ludwig said,

“My family and I finished the durian in a matter of seconds. The ‘red prawn’ durian was super delicious!”

Ludwig’s one-of-a-kind gift soon garnered an international portal’s attention and some local florists even started pushing out durian bouquets after being inspired by Ludwig’s gift. He’s a trendsetter yo!

Well, we will definitely see more of this in future since it will most likely become a trend. We wish Ludwig best of luck for his future undertakings. #DurianForLife!


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