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M’sian Student Asks Bakery To Send Cakes To His 5 Different GFs For Valentine’s Day



Source: Provided to WOB/Pandora Cakes

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As we all know, the month of February brings the bane of single people with it-Valentine’s Day! Now, despite the Movement Control Order, those in a relationship would definitely want to do something special for their beau. This man definitely went out of his way to show his love for his loved ONES.

Pandora Cakes, a bakery based in Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, posted a screenshot of a conversation they had with their customer who ordered cakes for his girlfriend(s) for Valentine’s Day.

Their conversation with the customer went as followed:

Pandora Cakes: Hi, welcome to Pandora Cake House

Customer: Bro, I want to buy a cake for my girlfriend on 14th Feb

Pandora Cakes: No problem. Which flavour do you want?

Customer: I want the less sugar and low calories vegan cake, which I bought last time 6 inches, mango flavour.

The customer also asked them to inscribe the cake with a sweet message for his girlfriend.

“Dear Baby, due to the pandemic I can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with you again. Hope our love will be as sweet as this cake.”

Pandora Cakes: Ok, please give the address and phone number of the receiver to us.

Customer:  Wait for a while, I give the list to you. I need a total of five cakes, sent to different addresses.

Pandora Cakes: Must all the cakes have the same message?

Customer: Ya bro, this delivery list is different from last time, cause now I have two new girlfriends

Pandora Cakes: Okay

Based on the texts, the man wanted the bakery to send FIVE cakes to FIVE different addresses for his FIVE girlfriends! Speaking to World of Buzz, Pandora Cakes said this isn’t the first this particular customer, a private university student, is making such orders.

The delivery made to one of the man’s girlfriends previously.

They added that since last July, this is the fifth time he has ordered their cakes, and each time the receiver is different. The first time, it was only for one girl subsequently the second time, the delivery was for three girls. He made orders for six different girls the third time, four girls the fourth time, and finally the current fifth time, for five girls.

Now, it’s definitely encouraged to spend some virtual time with your loved ones during this MCO but let’s make sure you’re focusing on ONE person. With the current economy, how can one even afford to juggle multiple partners?


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