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M’sian Shocked To See Price of Onions Go Up RM9 Within A Week, Asks Why No Action Taken



Source: Twitter @hanifmz

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Onions are one of the essential ingredients in cooking. Since the government implemented CMCO, the demand for onions has been increasing, especially from F&B vendors.

Recently, Twitter user HanifMZ expressed his outrage over the price of dry goods in the market, which seems to have skyrocketed.

“Yesterday went up to RM18, today it went up to RM27. It’s crazy. Where is the minister in charge of the price of this item?  We are now in the middle of CMCO, and rent, bills, need to be fully paid without a discount. Customers are getting lesser because most of them do not have a salary. Where is the minister !! ??”


In his thread, Hanif said he was shocked by the uncontrolled price hike. Within a week, the price went up from RM18 to RM27. He also said that before the CMCO, a bag of onions was only RM6.50.

When WOB contacted Hanif, he said that he was not surprised by the rising price, what surprised him was why authorities are doing nothing to regulate these prices.

“I don’t care if the price goes up, I understand, supply-demand, Covid, custom, all that. I understand. I learned about all that. What I do not understand is why aren’t the responsible authorities not taking any action to control the prices,” said Hanif.



















“Take eggs for example, as far as my concern, the government has done a good job, because they can control the price of eggs. The price increase is not too high, and sometimes the prices went down too.”

He also said that every dry ingredient such as carrot, chilli, eggplant and cucumber that Malaysia imports from outside needs to be regulated; otherwise, the prices will be too extreme.

Hanif’s primary objective of sharing his tweet was to gain enough attention from netizens until the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) take further action. Following that, Hanif asked the public to download the KPDNHEP application and report that matter to them.


Apart from that, a Twitter user named Hulaim Huraira replied to another user saying that the minister can still control the price by placing a maximum ceiling price so that there’s no price oppression. He explains that ever since this year Hari Raya celebrations, the price is uncontrollable and it is strange those who used to criticising the price are also currently in silent.

“Minister can still control the price. The Minister can place a maximum ceiling price so that there is no price oppression. As a former retailer since this year’s Hari Raya festival, the price has not been controlled by the minister until now. The strange thing is that those who used to like criticising the price are now silent.”


Let us all help spread and report to the responsible party so that they can help ease the burden of the people, especially in this pandemic.


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