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M’sian School Girl Caught Vaping In Public In Sports Uniform Goes Viral, Sparks Debate On Who’s at Fault



Source: Facebook & The Star

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Vaping was created as an alternative to smoking, but don’t let the sweet flavours fool you, it’s no child’s plaything.

Even though it’s marketed as healthier than cigarettes, vaping has skeletons in its closet too for it induces a nicotine reliance, constricts blood vessels and not to mention, if not kept properly, vaping devices can explode too.

So, with all that said, why are children vaping?

Gossip Warrior shared a picture of a little girl in her school’s sportswear sitting among her peers at a bus stop vaping in a now-viral posting.

Cikgu tegur kena saman, cikgu marah kena saman. Habis tu salah siapa kalau budak2 jadi macam nie?? Tempat open macam nie…

Posted by Gossip Warrior on Thursday, July 11, 2019

The image, possibly submitted by a teacher, was captioned, “If a teacher says something they’d get summoned, if a teacher scolds her, they’d get summoned. So whose fault is it that kids become like this? Vaping freely in such an open space. The aunties around here are all shocked. Kids these days.”

Netizens tried to offer solutions in the comments section, though many drew the bottom line at the parents.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

This comment goes, “It’s the parent’s fault la, because they take their children’s side too often.”

Other netizens pointed out that teachers don’t have the jurisdiction to get involved if she’s vaping outside the school grounds.

Source: Facebook

This comment says, “Teachers can only take action inside of school. Outside school grounds, it’s the community and parent’s responsibility. If a teacher were to say something outside of school grounds, it can only be as a member of the community.”

Unfortunately, nothing will be done if we just point fingers. If parents don’t believe teachers when informed that their children are misbehaving, maybe pictures like this can be proof so that they can see for themselves.

Gossip Warrior’s post has since garnered over 3,800 shares.

What do you think? Are parents becoming too lenient? Sound off in the comments section!


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