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Local Tattoo Artist Bashed On China’s Social Media For Being a Mother With Tattoos, But M’sians Fire Back



M'sian Tattoo Artist Bashed Online For Being a Mother With Tattoos, M'sians Back - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Weibo & Instagram

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It’s sad that society still sees tattoos as a reflection of one’s behaviour. Because it’s not. If anything, it showcases one’s willingness to commit to long term decisions and reflects a more creative view on life. Yet, after years of progress and growth beyond traditional mindsets, it seems society still can’t shake their aversion towards tattoos.

Chinese photographer Jingke Street Snap had recently taken and posted a photo of Kinki Ryusaki, a very well-known Malaysian tattoo artist, as she was out and about in China with her 2-year-old daughter on his Weibo page.

Source: Weibo

He captioned the photo with, “Street shot in Chengdu, sexy mom.”

Despite the fact that Kinki is a hardworking and successful tattoo entrepreneur while also being a dedicated and loving mother, netizens were quick to take to the comments section to judge and discredit her for being a bad mother just because she has tattoos.

Source: Weibo

This comment goes, “Her child is an accident.”

Source: Weibo

This comment says, “Dirty feeling.”

Kinki has since released a statement on her Facebook page.

沒事多聽聽別人口中的自己,比看👻鬼片還刺激.呵呵。你會發現你什麼都沒做,莫名其妙,就成為別人嘴裡各種版本的大角色,劇情,編劇,翻譯…我給你們一百分,呵呵… ​​​(被人偷拍然後放上微博)

Posted by Kinki Ryusaki on Saturday, July 6, 2019


She wrote, “If you have nothing better to do, listen to what others say about you because it’s more interesting than watching a horror movie. You will realise that even if you never did anything wrong, you will be played in many different roles and versions and become the star of the show. I give you 100 marks. (Got my picture secretly taken and posted on Weibo).”

Malaysians have since defended her and showed their support for Kinki.

Source: Facebook

People should keep in mind that tattoos do not mean someone is immediately guaranteed to be a bad mother, father, employee or anything else in general.

And if any fingers are pointed, it should be directed at the fact that there are photographers out there taking non-consented images of women, and posting them online. 

Remember, tattoos are only skin deep, if you look at it any deeper than that, that’s your own fault. 


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