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M’sian Professor Called Out For Saying Women Should “Act Dumb” To Find A Husband



Source: Farrah Anuar|Twitter & Tron Le|Unsplash

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It’s 2021, how is it that internalised misogynists still exist?

Women are accomplished in their fields without the help of men. However, as the world strives for a more equal future, there are still some individuals out there who are set on forcing women into submission and waving the flag of patriarchy up high.

Twitter user Farrah posted a video where a renowned professor stated her opinion on why some women get married late. In the video, the professor said that women should always appreciate the strength of men as a leader no matter their flaws.

“So, women, don’t rush for liberation and strive to do what men are doing. When you do that, your testosterone levels will rise and this will further delay your marriage.”

She added that men like vulnerable, soft-spoken women who have “high oestrogen” levels. “So, just act dumb a little for him, if you’re still single, try re-analysing your character,” she said. While the video has since been deleted from the professor’s Instagram, this hasn’t stopped Twitter users from enraging against the professor.

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Farrah said when she first saw the video, she was furious and felt insulted at how women have to shine less bright and degrade themselves just to feed a man’s ego. Plus, the fact that the professor portrayed being a successful and independent woman to be less attractive, and is the reason why women are still single further fueled Farrah’s anger.

“I grew up with strong, powerful and independent women around me and saw their husbands embraced them. Women should never, ever be less of themselves or according to this prof, bodoh bodoh sikit.”

Farrah said that it’s important to send the right message to women out there that there is nothing wrong to chase their dreams. “It’s time to put behind the whole concept of “men are afraid of strong women” the truth is, if you ever feel that way, you are the weak one,” she said. Her sentiments were echoed by many Malaysians who simply couldn’t agree with the professor’s regressive point of view.

“I respect her knowledge and views in her field but for this I can’t accept. I’d rather die single than being stupid to attract a man. A wife is supposed to be the queen of her home, madrasah for the children thus, being stupid is the most unnecessary thing for her to be.”

“It’s not my job to boost a man’s ego. If he’s insecure with my abilities then he’s not for me. My parents didn’t provide me with good education, supported me in achieving my dreams just so I would dumb myself down for a marriage? I’d rather be single and successful.”

“Act a little dumb? I respect you but this ain’t it! While wives do need to respect their husband, any relationship requires mutual respect and responsibility. If you get married late, it’s definitely not because you’re too smart. I don’t want to marry anyone who’s attracted to my “stupidity”. Not cool!”

WORLD OF BUZZ has reached out to the professor and is still awaiting her statement on this. What did you think of this issue? Let us know in the comments section!


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