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M’sian Mum Shares How A Broken Hanger Put Her 6yo Daughter In The Hospital



Source: Hanis Hafiz (Facebook)

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Clothes hangers are household items that are mostly considered harmless. However, these seemingly innocent items can become sharp weapons if they are broken and parents should definitely throw them out to prevent their kids from accidentally hurting themselves.

On 11 February, Hanis Hafiz took to Facebook to share a story that every parent should take note of to prevent their child from facing a similar fate. It all started when Hanis took a break from doing house chores to rest.

Less than five minutes passed before her eldest daughter, NurHasya Izzara, got injured by a broken hanger.



















According to Hanis, she had removed the broken hanger, but she did not notice that there were still fragments that were left behind until her other daughter found it.

























Hanis Hafiz wrote on her Facebook,
” Keep an eye on your child’s movements and what they play with. Even when we’re awake, God still wants to give us this little test.

“The story happened after mama (Hanis) finished doing house chores. While waiting to perform Zohor prayers, mama was resting while looking at the phone, kakak (her eldest daughter) was tired of playing, so she slept by mama’s side. Less than five minutes. The thing happened so fast, and suddenly her younger sister brought a hanger. The plastic hanger was broken because the siblings were playing with it.

I already threw it away, but there were leftover pieces I missed.  The younger sister found the leftover piece. This is why. I didn’t notice when she came to her sister’s side and maybe she pretended that the hanger was a pen and her sister’s eyelids were paper. I didn’t get a chance to get up and prevent it.”


Suddenly, Hanis heard her youngest daughter say, “Mama look at kakak’s eyes.”

“Oh God! Blood came out of kakak’s eyes while it was closed. I thought the wound got into her eyeballs because she closed her eyes tightly.  She did not cry, and she was not angry with her sister. Instead, she just told her sister not to get close to her as she was afraid that it might touch her eyes. But I  started crying.”

Hanis said she frantically tried to call her husband but she kept missing her calls so she sent a WhatsApp message that said nothing but, “Urgent! Call.”

While waiting for her husband to arrive from Klang to KL, the worried mum wiped her daughter’s eyes with a cloth. She was sleeping but Hanis was still in shock.

Speaking to World of Buzz, Hanis said that her daughter did not cry when her eyes were injured. When she was taken to the Hospital Tunku Azizah and asked by the nurse and doctor if her eyes were in pain, she merely smiled while the nurse treated her wounds.
























Due to that incident, her 6-year-old daughter underwent a surgical operation to sew a torn eyelid.

























According to Hanis, her daughter was initially admitted to the red zone, and after the surgical operation, she was sent to the yellow zone.


When the day came to open the stitches, Hanis accompanied NurHasya to the operation room (OT), and she said that she was reluctant to leave her side.

























“Which mother wouldn’t be sad to see their child go through this? It may be just a small thing for others but it’s big for mothers. Luckily, there were people accompanying me to come out from the OT. They even helped to take off the special OT room clothes. At this time, I had little strength and people had to help to calm my emotions.”

After the surgery, Hanis said she was relieved and thankful for the small test. But the mother warned the public with her post as hopes it will help spread awareness to parents.
























When asked about NurHasya’s condition, Hanis said that NurHasya is now in her recovery phase. She said her daughter did not complain even once, about the pain.

“To this day, NurHasya has never complained of pain. Every day I asked her, ‘kakak okay?’ and she would answer ‘kakak okay, tak sakit pun‘,” she told World of Buzz.

Hanis also said that there’s no mother in this world who would want something like this to happen to their child. It happened in just a blink of an eye.

Hopefully, NurHasya recovers quickly and returns to her healthier self. As for parents out there, always pay attention to what your children are playing, because dangerous accidents can happen at any time.


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