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M’sian Girl’s Number Simply Shared By Impersonator, Receives Tons Of Msgs From Men



Impersonator Spreads Malaysian Woman's Name And Phone Number To Strangers - World Of Buzz

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What is the scariest thing about the internet today? It’s the fact that our identities can be easily stolen. Because all our information and pictures are readily available online these days, just about anyone can steal that and use it to their advantage.

One particular lady who is going through the nightmare of a stolen identity is called Sher Teng.

On December 6, at about 11AM, Sher Teng told World Of Buzz that she suddenly started to receive messages from several unknown numbers.

These people were all males and they told her that they had previously spoken to her on an online dating app called OKCupid.


She posted the story onto Facebook saying,

“If anyone of you use this dating app called OKCupid, please help me to report this girl. I don’t use this app and I don’t know who the heck she is but she is spreading my name and phone numbers to all the guys who are chatting with her in the OKCupid App.”

“I don’t know where the heck she got my name and number as well!”

“I am now receiving calls from strangers and WhatsApp messages asking me whether I’m Rose, ‘hi Sher Teng’, etc, whatever la WTF.”

Apparently, someone had posed as Sher Teng on the said dating app and was spreading both her name and phone number.


This is not Sher Teng’s actual photo


But it gets worse. It seems like random ladies from Facebook are sending her hateful and angry messages too.

Besides that I’m actually receiving a lot of Facebook message requests from several ladies I don’t even know, asking why am I dating their bf or their friend’s bf, or why are you anti Indians, etc.”

“If you guys receive my messenger message asking for money or whatever weird stuff, please do ignore because I received test messages twice from Facebook for the password reset but I actually didn’t reset any password.”

“Maybe someone is trying to hack my account.”

But of course, the nightmare doesn’t just stop there. A few hours after the weird messages started pouring in, Sher Teng received yet another friend request. However, this time it was from… ‘herself’!

The impersonator even had the audacity to send a private message cursing at her!




Looks like a hater who just wanted to make Sher Teng’s life hell. And an uneducated one too judging from the shitty terrible spelling.

Luckily, she didn’t accept the friend request. She immediately blocked the fake account and reported it to Facebook. Facebook was quick to remove the fake account before more damage could be done.

Sher Teng tells World Of Buzz that the stolen pictures were pictures from her Facebook profile that she had set to public.

However, Sher Teng received yet another shock as she saw a new OKCupid profile with her face and name on it. But also her phone number was advertised blatantly in the profile section too!


Thankfully, after sometime, the OKCupid fake profile had been taken down.

This goes to show how important it is to protect your identity and privacy on social media. Sher Teng’s only advice is for everyone to set their ensure the privacy of their contacts and photos.

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