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M’sian Girl in Tears As Worker Rubs Himself Against Her Gate and REFUSES to Leave



Source: Twitter

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Welcome to today’s edition of men being unable to keep it in their pants and girls being absolutely terrified fortheir safety. If your reaction after reading that line is “That’s such a general statement”, YEAP! That’s the state of the world and the country right now.

On 21st October 2019, Twitter user @danielmokhtar_ posted a video of a hypermarket worker ‘grinding’ his crotch on the gate of a girl’s apartment while she screamed for help inside.

“It’s rare to see a horny person knocking doors”

In the video, the worker can be seen humping the gate in front of the girl’s apartment with his crotch, while the girl inside screams for help. That said, it wasn’t like ‘help’ wasn’t on hand as a security guard was there, but he was only calmly watching the whole situation.

In further explanation, Daniel said this happened around 1.30am, and he had heard a girl yelling for help. Curious, he went out of his house and saw this guy in front of a neighbour’s gate making a lot of noise as he rattled it with his crotch. At first glance, he thought the guy was drunk, but he couldn’t smell any alcohol on him and thankfully the girl locked her grill. Luckily, the police came right after and managed to nab the guy and used the video Danial took as evidence.

While no one’s really sure what was happening to the guy, netizens were angry with the security guard, who didn’t really handle the guy properly despite the girl yelling while seemingly in tears.

Source: Twitter

The polite version of this is, ” Why is everyone just standing there and not catching him?? The girl’s in tears.”

Source: Twitter

“The problem is, why is everyone just watching? Pull the pervert away! The girl’s clearly traumatised, yet they can all sit and just stare.”

Source: Twitter

Again, the sort of politer version of this goes,”I’m so pissed with the guard and how he’s calmly chatting there.”

In this time and day, how can we just stand by when harassment just happens? It would be simple to say “Be careful when you’re alone” and all, but at the end of the day, as long as sick people are out there, we’ve got to stand up to them.

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