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Mother In China Builds 2 Footbridges With RM640K So That Her Son Can Go To School Safely



Source: Oddity Central & Mummy Pages

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Is there anything a mother wouldn’t do for the safety of their child?

Recently, a loving mother in China spent over a million yuan (RM640,000) of her own money to build two metal footbridges in front of her son’s school so that her child and other school students would be able to cross the road safely.

As reported by Oddity Central, the mother, Meng, told Henan Television Station that the road outside her son’s school was always congested when parents dropped off or picked up their kids. Plus, there are no traffic lights installed in the area.

Hence, crossing the road was a dangerous task for both students and their teachers. Meng added that the school was located on the lower ground and the puddles that constantly formed on the road caused her son to always get his feet soaked wet.

“The deep water makes it very difficult to cross the road. The water will spill over the stairs where schoolchildren stand to wait for their parents like little birds. They looked miserable. My child’s feet turned white because they were soaking in water,” Meng explained.

Meng never told her son that she had paid for the new footbridges because she doesn’t want her child to boast about it with the other school kids. Her only hope is that her contribution will help keep the children and teaching staff safe and enable the kids to get an education.

“I just did what I can afford to do. You can’t take money with you after death and I don’t need to leave too much money for my child,” Meng said. “I will name the bridge the ‘Wisdom Bridge.’ Students crossing the bridge can get wiser and wiser.”

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