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More Than Just Presents: 5 Meaningful CNY Gift Ideas M’sians Can Give To Their Loved Ones


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Source: ABC News & Wing Joo Loong

Of course we love our family and friends! And Malaysians love expressing those feelings with awesome presents that surely make them happy, especially when it’s a happy occasion like Chinese New Year. But ah, sometimes we scratch our heads not knowing what’s a GOOD gift for CNY.

If you’re having that issue now, fret not – we’re here to help out. Here’s a list of gifts that are surely super meaningful for your loved ones this CNY!


1. Tea leaves for thought

Pepsicny Tea

Every Malaysian knows that we Chinese have been enjoying tea for millennia – that’s how much tea is ingrained in our culture! Fortunately, nicely-wrapped boxes of tea are always available, which is why they’re perfect gifts.

To make your tea gift even more thoughtful, be sure to research and see which has the best benefits. For example, roasted oolong tea is great for warming up the body, whereas white or green tea is even more cooling, fantastic for our Malaysian weather.


2. Fruits for the lucky ones

Pepsicny Fruit

There’s a reason why mandarin oranges are always present at CNY gatherings: they bring abundance and happiness to the whole family! And these aren’t the only lucky fruits one can enjoy during the new year.

Instead of buying ready-made fruit baskets, why not create your own 100% lucky basket? Fill it to the brim with every good luck fruit possible, such as pomelos, grapes, apples and watermelons!


3. Tonic food for the older citizens

Pepsicny Tonic Ginseng

Though some of us have probably never gifted tonic food – some are referred to as “traditional Chinese supplements” – before, we definitely saw our relatives gifting our senior family members these gifts! They’re pretty much things like bird’s nest drinks (boosts immune system), cordyceps (fights cancer cells), ginseng (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory), goji berries (immunity booster packed with vitamins A and C) and the like.

Pepsicny Bird Nest

If you’re not sure which tonic food to get (we can relate), find out what health issues your gift receiver has first, before heading to shops like Eu Yan Sang and enquire what’s the best tonic to get.


4. Plants and flowers FTW!

Pepsicny Flower

Flowers aren’t just for Valentine’s Day, they’re also great for this fortunate occasion. Instead of roses, opt for other symbolic ones more suitable for CNY, such as peonies (prosperity, including red ones), pussy willows (growth), orchids (fertility, wealth, beauty and luck) and even lucky bamboo (we’re guessing luck too 🤣)!

Pepsicny Bamboo

Never gift flowers like chrysanthemums or lilies, because those are more suitable for funerals. If you’re unsure, simply speak to the florist and let them know what meaning you would like your flower gift to have, and they’d be more than happy to help out.


5. Cook a family meal or help out the cook

Pepsicny Cook

If you’re low on cash, then let your physical effort show how much you love your family! Offer to cook a family meal for once, either based on your own choice or whatever dishes your designated cook had in mind. Otherwise, lend a huge hand by helping your aunt/uncle/mum/dad to prep the ingredients ahead and cook the simple stuff.

After all, nothing says “I love you” better than filling up your loved ones’ stomachs.

Crack Crack An Egg

OR if you don’t feel confident being in the kitchen, you can be the saviour in charge of bringing drinks and cold desserts! CNY is known to always be crazy hot 🥵, so everyone would definitely appreciate a cold, refreshing drink during house visits. And what better drink to hand to them than a thirst-quenching can of Pepsi CNY edition? 😁

Pepsicny Lifestyle 2


‘Tis the season of gifts and fortune!

Pepsicny Super Close Up


Limited-edition CNY Pepsi cans* are back for both Pepsi Regular and Pepsi Black, as well as awesome prizes to be won when you enjoy Pepsi this new year!

We know the biggest highlight for Malaysians are the auspicious prizes that await you when savouring Pepsi this Lunar New Year! Here’s a line-up of what you can win from Pepsi:


Win BIG with Pepsi

Pepsicny 888 Carton

Stand to win up to RM888* prosperity angpao when you purchase any carton of Pepsi and other participating brands! 

*Terms & conditions apply.

Simply buy a carton of Pepsi Regular, Pepsi Black, 7Up, Revive Isotonic and/or Kickapoo, then scan the MAE QR code on the carton box to join the contest! Super easy, right?

Plus, if you buy Pepsi at any participating stores and retailers, you stand to win gold bars, ang pows and more!

  • Econsave (Win RM100,000 worth of ang pows): Purchase any participating brands* worth RM28 in a single receipt. T&C apply.

2. Econsave Cny 2022


  • Giant (Free Exclusive Pepsi CNY Glass): Purchase any participating brands* worth RM50 and above. While stocks last.

3. Giant Cny 2022


  • 99Speedmart (FREE Pepsi Black Mango 1.5L): Purchase one carton (can 320ml x 24) of participating brands*. While stocks last.

5. 99Sm Cny 2022


  • Lotus’s (Win Gold Bar grand prize + RM88,888 worth of ang pow): Purchase any participating brands* worth RM28 in a single receipt. T&C apply.

6. Lotus Cny 2022


*Participating brands: Pepsi, Pepsi Black, 7Up, Revive Isotonic, Kickapoo

  • KFC (Win Gold Tiger Charm or KFC voucher): Order the KFC Celebration Bucket with Pepsi Black. Contest period: 22 Jan-21 Feb 2022. T&Cs apply.

Pepsi 211109 Kfcxpepsi Cny 2022 Contest Intro Fa 01


So many prizes to win, so much ong for CNY 2022! With celebrities like Jackson Wang & G.E.M. wishing us Happy Chinese New Year, our luck will surely shoot through the roof!


0Pepsi Cny Pr Kv

Wait for what? Better stock up on Pepsi and Pepsi Black so can have a higher chance of winning ang pows and gold bars! Plus, wouldn’t Pepsi’s refreshing fizz be perfect for the hot weather we always have during CNY? 🤭 For more info, check out Pepsi Malaysia’s Facebook page.


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