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Matriculation Students Outraged Over Decision For Face-To-Face Exams Despite Rise in Covid-19 Cases



Source: The Jakarta Post & Change.org

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Disclaimer: This piece reflects the thoughts and concerns submitted by readers. It does not reflect the opinions or beliefs of WORLD OF BUZZ.

Thousands of matriculation students here in Malaysia have united together and have started a petition two weeks ago in hopes that the Bahagian Matrikulasi Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia (BMKPM) will hear their concerns. 

Several students and parents have since reached out to World of Buzz to voice out their concerns about this matter in hand.

These concerns first came to light when BMKPM reportedly instructed matriculation students to return to college for the purpose of sitting for their Peperiksaan Semester Program Matrikulasi (PSPM), otherwise known as the Matriculation Programme Examination. 

The examination is said to be conducted face-to-face in many respective colleges at the end of December till January.

However, the matriculation students involved in the coming examinations deemed BMKPM’S decision of having a face-to-face examination as unreasonable, due to the substantial increase in Covid-19 cases. 

Hence, these students have come together and have started a petition to object BMKPM’s decision to return to matriculation colleges for the examination. 

The petition has so far garnered over 11,700 signatures at the time of writing.


Comments From Matriculation Students 

A number of students, who wish to remain anonymous for privacy reasons, reached out to World of Buzz to share their frustrations and concerns. 

“It’s quite saddening to actually see that they care about our exams more than our life and safety. Personally, I am not mentally and physically prepared for this final exam as I’ve spent 3/4 of my semester studying through the virtual world. In those online classes, most of the lecturers tend to read the slides and leave us, students, unattended and confused.”

Some of the students said that the announcement has taken a toll on their mental wellbeing as they worry about their education in the future.

A student anonymously said to us, “It can’t be denied that is has affected our mental health due to the unfairness that we can’t sit for our exams online. Other government based universities did their exams online. This could affect our placing in local universities as the benefits go to those who sat for their exams online.”

Another questioned the decision by saying, “Try to think of how online classes affect our focus during lessons. Since we use online learning, why not consider online examinations?”

Other students made a point by explaining how some students are coming from areas that are high in Covid-19 cases and red zones.

“I’m from Selangor and we all know that the Covid cases in Selangor and KL are super high. With these high cases, how are we allowed to go back to college for the exam?” another matrics student tells us.

These students then summarized their concerns in a list as follows:-

With the pandemic going on and the majority of states and districts are in the yellow and red zones, there is no doubt why these students and parents are concerned about their health and safety.

World of Buzz has contacted BMKPM for their statement. They have yet to respond.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Let us know in the comment section below. 


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Source: change.org

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