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Mat Sallehs Are Dissing This M’sian Girl’s Big Breakfast & Netizens Are Not Having It



Source: Twitter

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Asian countries have always been known to have good food, considering we know how to blend and use spices, unlike our Western counterparts’ somewhat bland food.

But every once in a while, they do produce a dish that’s universally loved, which in this case, is the Big Breakfast. Hence, it’s only normal that Malaysians recreate the dish every once in a while for their own consumption and enjoyment and post pictures of it online. But what happens when Westerners decide to diss the way our Big Breakfasts look? We fight back.

A Malaysian by the name of Arlina (@arlinabanana) took to her Twitter account to proudly showcase her beautifully made Big Breakfast, which was quickly retweeted by popular food rating page Rate My Plate (@ratemyplatenow), which encourages netizens to comment on people’s culinary creations.

The only problem is, Arlina never asked for her plate to be rated.

Arlina wrote, “Big girls don’t cry, they make Big Breakfasts instead.”

Westerners were quick to start ripping her breakfast apart, though Malaysians were not taking it and jumped to Arlina’s defence.

One Westerner had even cut points off of Arlina for putting a mayonnaise bottle on the table next to her plate.

Source: Twitter

This Malaysian retort went, “She cooked it to eat it. Not to be used as Legos to be put here and there.”

Source: Twitter

This Malaysian responded with, “This Mat Salleh is causing a ruckus even though they don’t even know how to peel a jackfruit.”

She was referring to the grocery store in the US that decided to cut jackfruits like watermelon.

And my personal favourite.

Source: Twitter

Though, as much as it pains me to say this, it’s not the Mat Sallehs’ fault as Rate My Plate is a page meant for those to leave such comments on other’s cooking, and Rate My Plate should be to blame for this entire incident as they had retweeted Arlina’s Big Breakfast pictures instead of having Arlina submit them herself.

What do you think? Who’s to blame for this? Let us know in the comments section.

Our country was once colonised by westerners, we don’t exactly need our comments section to be colonised by them as well.


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