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Man Devours A Live Cat In Public & He Threatened To “Finish” Bystanders Who Took Videos



Source: Youtube

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Ew, this is disgusting! 

A man in Indonesia went viral after a video of him eating a live cat spread all over the Internet. In the gruesome video, the man was seen devouring a what looks like a dead cat, but a report by Astro Awani revealed the man admitted that the poor cat was still alive while he was cruelly eating it.

According to The Coconuts, people who shared the video and made it viral speculated that he ate the cat as part of a black magic ritual. The video itself was very disturbing because it showed the man – who was wearing a brown jacket over a white shirt – biting into the cat’s body whilst blood dribbled onto his shirt.

We can also see the intestines dangling out of the cat’s body in the video. That said, we will not feature the video here because it’s too graphic.

Following that, the bystanders who took videos of the man’s barbaric act were threatened by the man. He asked them to stop filming or “he would finish them too”.

Source: Youtube

The video was believed to been taken at Kemayoran traditional market and after the video went viral, the local police launched an investigation on the case. The Kemayoran police chief, Syaiful Anwar was quoted as saying,

“We want to find him first and ask him why he ate that cat. We don’t know why he ate the cat, whether it’s because he’s mentally challenged or not. But we have not been able to find the man everywhere we looked… He’s not in Kemayoran anymore.”

Having said that, if the man is caught by the police, he risks facing up to nine months of jail and a minimum fine of IDR300 (approx. RM0.08). His crime is considered very severe under the Indonesian Criminal Code as it is considered animal abuse. We sure do hope that the authorities quickly nab and prosecute him accordingly as he has committed a great crime.


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