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Malaysians Share 7 Familiar Raya Traditions That They Look Forward To Every Year!



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Source: @NTUsg & Reddit

We’re lucky to have so many festive celebrations to look forward to every year because we get to enjoy so many different traditions! As Hari Raya Aidilfitri approaches, many of us have already started preparing for the festivities.

From feasting for a whole week straight to shopping for new clothes, all Malaysians have their own version of Raya traditions that they look forward to every year even with the SOPs that we have to follow. Here are some of the most familiar Raya traditions that we know and love:


1. Baking tons of kuih raya with your family a week before Raya 

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Baking kuih raya with our mum or grandma is something all of us have experienced at least once in our lifetime! Nothing beats the fun of gathering together and baking kuih raya as a family to serve to guests (and ourselves too!).


2. Making last-minute lemang runs to the roadside stalls

Lemang 1 1

While most Raya food is usually homecooked, the traditional lemang is easier to buy than to make as it can be quite a complicated process! And even though we’ve stocked up on lemang before Raya day, we always run out after all that indulging! Fret not, there are always tons of reliable roadside stalls selling lemang. Our favourite spots are the lemang stalls along Jalan Suadamai in Cheras or the stalls under the TTDI MRT station!


3. Planning your annual matching baju raya sets with your family 

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Every year, we love dressing up in new clothes as a symbol of celebration after a month of fasting. In Malaysia, most families take the opportunity to wear matching sets of baju raya which not only makes for such a memorable tradition but the annual Raya family photos look awesome too!


4. Asking for forgiveness from our parents on Raya morning  

Image 1

This is a precious tradition that we should always strive to continue. The saying ‘maaf zahir dan batin’ that comes around every Raya means to seek forgiveness inwardly & outwardly and is usually done on the first day of Raya before receiving duit raya (for non-working & single adults).


5. The first Hari Raya breakfast after a month of not eating in the morning

Hari Raya Food

There’s nothing like walking down the stairs in your new clothes on Raya morning to a table full of home-cooked traditional food. 😋 Especially after you haven’t had breakfast for a whole month! Raya would not be the same if it weren’t for over-indulging in lemang, rendang, kuah lodeh and kuah kacang all day!!


6. Shamelessly indulging in Raya sweets & cookies at every open house 


Even those who don’t have a sweet tooth tend to enjoy Raya cookies every now and then! When Raya is approaching, you’ll see all types of different kuih raya on sale. From traditional ones such as kuih bahulu and pineapple tarts to the newer versions like chocolate chip cookies and mini cinnamon rolls, we love them all!


7. Sprucing up your home & planning for the perfect Raya family photo every year 

Themed Baju Kurung

What is Raya without a family photo? We personally find it awesome to have a collection of Raya photos every year, it’s fun to look back on as your family grows bigger & bigger over time!

Speaking of Raya photos, the backdrop of the photo is equally as important too. Plus after all that Raya spring cleaning, we’re pretty sure you can’t wait to show off your home! And since we are still in a pandemic, it’s also really important to make sure that the space is safe for family members young and old.

So this Raya, why not transform the ordinary walls of your home into safe and aesthetic walls with Nippon Paint VirusGuard, the FIRST EVER anti-viral paint in Malaysia!

Yup, that’s right! When you’re putting up new curtains for your home this Raya, don’t forget about your walls too! Make your home a safe space with Nippon Paint VirusGuard as it is 99.9% effective against bacteria & viruses, including human coronaviruses!

Nippon Kv 06 01 Final

As Nippon Paint continuously strives for indoor safety and wellness with their products, they introduced Nippon Paint VirusGuard, a type of paint formulated with Silver Ion Technology made specifically to ensure that our walls at home are protected.

It has been scientifically proven to resist the growth of up to 99.9% of harmful viruses and bacteria on painted surfaces! WOW.

That’s pretty cool! How does Silver Ion Technology work?

We’re glad you asked! Silver Ion Technology kills enveloped viruses, non-enveloped viruses and bacteria which are commonly found on the walls of our home. Here’s how it works:

Bacteria 1

  • Enveloped virus – once Silver Ion attacks the lipid membrane, the enveloped viruses will be destroyed
  • Non-enveloped virus – Silver Ion is able to destroy these non-enveloped viruses which are normally more resistant to environmental changes
  • Bacteria – the presence of Silver Ion destroys the cell membrane of bacteria thus making them non-functional and unable to reproduce

How amazing is it that technology is so advanced now that even our walls can be protected from viruses?!

Amazing stuff! What are the other features of Nippon Paint VirusGuard?

Other than beautifying the walls of your home for the perfect photo backdrop, VirusGuard is also:

  • Anti-viral paint which is effective against human coronaviruses, H1N1 and Coxsackievirus A16
  • Anti-bacterial to protect you from E. coli, MRSA & Staphylococcus Aureus
  • Anti-fungus & mould which makes it extremely low maintenance
  • Non-toxic paint, safe for your little ones!
  • Environmentally friendly so we can be kinder to Mother Earth without compromising on quality

Awesome stuff, right?

What’s even more awesome is that this Raya, Nippon Paint is introducing Nippon Paint VirusGuard Bundle Set! In the bundle set, you get to enjoy a complete coating system fully equipped with paint and paint accessories too!

For only RM323.00, you can purchase Nippon Paint VirusGuard Bundle Set and safeguard you and your family this Raya!

Not only does the Nippon Paint VirusGuard help us protect the walls of our home but it even makes for a fun family activity while prepping the house for Raya, just watch the video below!

All these awesome features make Nippon Paint VirusGuard the best choice for you and your family because we deserve to be in a safe and worry-free space this Raya. After all, Nippon Paint VirusGuard Bundle Set makes it easier for us to protect our family during the pandemic!

If you’d like to purchase Nippon Paint VirusGuard Bundle Set this Raya, be sure to check out the website today!


Source: Gaun Baju
Source: Reddit

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