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Malaysian Teacher Excitedly Learns How to Start Zoom Class But No Students Showed Up



Source: Nuha

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A teacher’s job is not easy. Not only do they need to learn how to teach and discipline different types of children, but they also have to face the wrath of parents and the school board.

And now that lessons are being conducted online due to the Covid-19 lockdowns, their job has become harder as students can easily ignore teachers online.

Nuha, saddened by her father’s students, took to her Twitter profile to showcase how none of them showed up for class, leaving her father to wait online by himself.

She wrote,

“Pity my father, he’s conducting a class and not a single one of his students showed up. Until he had to call them one by one, and they didn’t even pick up. They know that my father will call them on days when they have classes, so they turned off their phones.”

She shared that her father’s class was supposed to have started at 8:30am but up until 9am, not a single student showed up.

“After that, some of them said they had to work, which is why they didn’t join the class. I can’t imagine this because they have to take SPM this year but they’re working,” she shared.

It is understandable that some students choose to work while studying to support their families, but school and classes are supposed to mandatory and shouldn’t be skipped.

In the end, in order to see her father smile, Nuha decided to join the class.

“He almost wanted to cry because he was so excited when he asked us to teach him how to create a Zoom meeting/Google Meet. But when he created it and no one joined, he got choked up, because only we know how his face was when he was excitedly asking us to teach him,” she added.

Teachers are currently doing their level best to ensure that students get the education that they need while not being able to go to school. Parents should take this opportunity to help teachers by ensuring that their kids are attending classes accordingly.

We genuinely hope that this teacher’s students start attending their classes.

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Source: Nuha
Source: Nuha

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