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Malaysian Shares How Dad Strives To Help His Students During CMCO Despite Retiring Soon



Source: Wee Cher Wei & Education Destination Malaysia

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Image obtained from original poster, Wee.

Teachers are truly the salt of the earth. Not only is it more difficult for them to conduct lessons now that classes are online, as students can easily ignore them, they also have to face scrutiny from others who think that teachers are earning free money throughout the Covid-19 lockdowns.

One son, Wee Cher Wei took to his Facebook page to show his appreciation for his father, who is a teacher, after seeing how hard his father truly works in order to convey his lessons to his students through the internet.

He wrote,

“This is my dad. He is a teacher who is retiring soon, in six to seven months.

“One day during the CMCO, he FaceTimed and asked me to remotely check on some hardware issues on his laptop. I couldn’t help but pronounce the hardware dead as his laptop is old enough to be donated to a museum. Later on, he borrowed my sister’s laptop and asked me to remotely install some softwares in it. Then only I realised that he is actually doing all of this for his work, for his students.”

Being a cheeky son, Cher Wei teased and asked his father why he making such an effort considering he was going to retire soon.

“He never answered me and keep urging me to finish the task. This morning, my sister sent me this photo and to be honest, I felt ashamed after what I said.

“As an old man (yes, I’m teasing my dad again) that knows nothing about IT, he does whatever he can to teach, to help and to guide his students during this tough period, not knowing how many of them are actually paying attention,” he shared.

“My dad may not be the best teacher in the world, but I’m sure he is one of the good ones, just like how he is a good dad to me and my family. I am nothing but proud of his dedication and passion. To those who say teachers are taking ‘free salaries’ during this MCO period, please think twice before you say it next time. Still, if you think being a teacher is much easier than other jobs, hear this, mak kau hijau,” he ended his posting.

Teachers are doing their level best to get past their technological barriers in order to not only convey their lessons across to their students but also to ensure they submit their schoolwork accordingly.

They truly deserve appreciation and gratitude for their dedication to their jobs, while having to endure the naysayers.

Kudos, teacher, and have a happy retirement when the time comes!

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Source: Wee Cher Wei
Source: Techbeat

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