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Malaysian Paedophiles Use WeChat and BeeTalk to ‘Groom’ Children



Malaysian Paedophiles Use WeChat and BeeTalk to 'Groom - World Of Buzz

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Image credit: johndiew.com

The uproar of British paedophile Richard Huckle, believed to have abused up to 200 children in Kuala Lumpur alone, has caused a zooming-in on sexual predators and paedophiles alike in Malaysia.

Image credit: dw.com

Malaysian sex predators have been revealed to frequent mobile chat apps such as WeChat, BeeTalk and Facebook Messenger to reach out to potential victims.

Undercover R.AGE journalists managed to meet a pedophile and catch him admitting he had sexual relationships with children as young as 13 years old.

This particular 30 year old man, was a “groomer” or a sex predator who trawls mobile chat apps looking for victims, then persistently build their trust before manipulating them to fulfill his twisted fantasies.

According to the undercover R.AGE journalists, who posed as a 15 year-old schoolgirl ‘Natalie’, the man remained kind but determined to convince Natalie to accompany him to his hotel room.

‘Natalie’ finally caved in and agreed to walk with him to the hotel lobby. But when they got there, the man straight out stated that he wanted to have sex.

He added that “You’re not the only girl I know. There are many,”

“Do all of them do this with you?”, asked ‘Natalie’

The man replied that he’s done it with girls all the way from Form One to Form Six. 

Statistics from Bukit Aman showed that over the past two years, 80% of reported rape cases involving sexual predators were initiated online. 

The R.AGE team confronted the 28 year-old self-confessed sex addict who hails from one of the country’s top public universities.

Through him, he revealed to R.AGE the modus operandi of men like him

“It’s a numbers game,” said the Masters student. “On WeChat, you can search for people nearby, and filter them based on gender. After I filter out all the men, I just send messages to as many girls as possible.”

After bagging a potential victim, things escalate to an increasingly sexual level, but they make sure to carefully word their remarks to avoid scaring their victims

“One of the most common phrases is ‘Do you touch yourself?'”

What’s more horrifying is that Malaysian law doesn’t see these men as guilty of a crime, for Malaysia to date has no laws against sexual grooming.

Meaning that these men have successfully milked a loophole in the law.

Asst Comm Ong Chin Lan, assistant principal director of D11, told R.AGE:

“We have already drafted (grooming laws) and submitted them to our bosses to forward to the Attorney General’s chambers for review. But to propose a law, and to pass it, takes a long time”. 

“If we had grooming laws, the authorities might be able to arrest predators like Huckle early on,” she added.

Seriously?! How are there still no actual laws for sexual grooming in this day and age?!

… Just to think how many kids out there who might never see justice for their predator’s crimes

Malaysian Paedophiles Use WeChat and BeeTalk to 'Groom - World Of Buzz 1

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