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Malaysian Netizen Exposes Scammer Cheating Money From Commuters in KL Sentral



Malaysian Netizen Exposes Conman Cheating Money From Travellers in KL Sentral - World Of Buzz
Source: Facebook

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Malaysians are kind and generous when it comes to donations, which is probably why more and more beggars are emerging in our society with busy, crowded places being their favourite spots.

Recently, a Malaysian netizen witnessed a middle-aged woman who took advantage of Malaysians’ kindness to ask for money at KL Sentral. She shared this information on Facebook to warn fellow commuters against her.

Here’s what she said.

“This woman in a pink blouse always appears in KL Sentral. She’d ask for money from people saying that she didn’t have money to buy ticket or to switch stations.”

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

“I’ve been working here for 10 days and I see her almost every day at KL Sentral.”

“A complaint has been made to the police and they have acknowledged that indeed she always asks for money at KL Sentral.”

“When the policemen approach her, she’d walk towards the opposite direction to avoid them.”

Here’s a video of her asking money from commuters.

After this post went viral, another netizen shared his similar experience in the comment section.

“That same lady approached me but I turned her down. Then she approached another woman next to my table and told her that she needed money to buy food. When she successfully got the money, she pretended to stand in line (to buy food) but left shortly after,” a netizen said.

It appears that she has even targeted a school student before!

“In 2013, she approached me when I was on the way home from school. She wanted to go back to Ipoh but had no money. So I suggested to bring her to a police station for help. She immediately left after hearing that,” another netizen commented. 

These pretentious beggars are giving a bad name to those who truly need our donations. Let’s hope the authorities would do something to curb this menace in our society. 


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