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Local Restaurant Forced To Close For A Day After Employees’ Mothers Don’t Allow Them To Work



Source: China Press & Unsplash

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“Always listen to your parents.” 

Most of us would know the importance of respecting our elders. Especially being Malaysian and living in an Asian household, going against your parents’ requests or demands is a fight that no one dares to challenge.

Recently, WORLD OF BUZZ has reported several stories on how bosses can give their employees a tough time, especially during this ongoing pandemic. But, in today’s story it will be the other way around. And yes, this has something to do with parents!

According to China Press, a famous F&B outlet took social media to announced that they will be closing for a day (on Saturday) due to the surge of Covid cases.

But the truth is, three of the staff members wanted to take leave on the same day. Due to the shortage of manpower, they had no choice but to close the outlet for a day. The reason for taking leave: their mother!

The screenshot of the WhatsApp conversation between the boss and his employees has since gone viral.

The conversation went like this:

Staff: Hello Boss! Me, XX, and XX can’t make it to work. Due to the increase of Covid cases in Melaka, our mothers don’t allow us to work. Sorry, boss!

Boss: So, 3 of you cannot come to work? Don’t you know tomorrow is Saturday? If we are short of manpower, how are we going to operate? All the businesses are struggling! Can’t your guys be considerate?

Staff: Really cannot boss! How can I hand you the petty cash?

Boss: Aiyo, this is work, not a playground. You bring the petty cash with you and pass it to me when you are back at work.

Staff: Really can? But why boss?

Boss: Of course can! I can’t go out lately. My MOTHER also said cannot!

Glad to see that the boss too could relate! 

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Source: Unsplash
Source: China Press

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