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#KitaMintaLima Asks Agong To Fulfil 5 Covid-19 Related Requests or Overthrow The Govt



Source: The Sun Daily & Twitter/BFM News

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The hashtag #KitaMintaLima has gone viral on social media, becoming one of the current trending topics in Malaysia.

#KitaMintaLima is a social media movement that seeks the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s intervention on the government’s policies amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Netizens are imploring the Yang di-Pertuan Agong(YDPA) for five requests to be fulfilled or for the government to be changed.

The first request is to have a targeted and effective movement control order. With the movement control order (MCO) all across Malaysia except Sarawak, the country still sees 4-digits of new Covid-19 cases every day, which makes Malaysians question about the effectiveness of this control order.

Secondly, netizens are asking the government to provide full support to the frontliners by channelling all resources. It is no doubt that the frontliners are all exhausted at this point, with the skyrocketing new Covid-19 cases in Malaysia, thus more support should be given to them.

As for the third request, netizens are asking for an automatic bank moratorium and cash aid for the people throughout the MCO. Since the start of the MCO 2.0, many businesses have been affected negatively, especially the small, local businesses and the businesses that are not allowed to open during the MCO. Therefore, help should be provided to those who are suffering so that they can at least make a living and support their families.

The next request is to have fair and impartial standard operating procedures (SOPs) by the National Security Council (MKN). Only with a set of fair rules, Malaysians will then willingly follow.

Lastly, netizens request for devices and internet data to be given to all students immediately. With the new normal, some from the rural areas and low-income families are struggling to learn via the online method, thus Malaysians are requesting for adequate device and internet data to be given to all students for them to study and learn more conveniently.

Twitter user @pineapplesmh wrote, “We’re no longer tolerating the government’s incompetence, we demand changes.”

@InjangNation also urges everyone to trend the hashtag, “we need your strength to support this cause for our country and our people,” he wrote.

This #KitaMintaLima movement has been trending on Twitter since yesterday (6 February 2021). Twitter user Keem tweeted today, hoping that Malaysians can continue the movement because this is the voice and the mandate of the people.

Netizens are hoping that it will continue to trend until their voices are heard by the YDPA.

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