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“Kepada Wanita… Pisang Luar Bukan Sangat Bagus, Ambillah Pisang Malaysia”



M'sian Man Wants Women To Find Love in 'Local Pisang' Than Foreign Ones - World Of Buzz 1

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Recently, there have been many cases of Malaysian women being cheated by foreigners. But a local man urges women to not be scammed by these men anymore, while finding (genuine) love with Malaysian guys instead.

M'sian Man Wants Women To Look For Locals Rather Than Risky Foreigners We May Not Know Anything About - World Of Buzz

So our local superhero, Kuan Chee Heng went onto his Facebook to spread the awareness to all women as this scam is getting more and more out of hand.

Usually, conmen will firstly add women on Facebook or other forms of social media to become friends with them. Then, they will start being flirtatious with these women.

Then on one particular day, these guys will suddenly tell the women they have sent a huge gift to them. However, the twist is, they will use a ‘special’ delivery company but the women need to pay for the tax of the shipment – usually a few thousand Ringgit!

These men will seem convincing because they portray themselves to be from a high-earning job. For example, a pilot, an engineer, a successful businessman, etc.

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So, hoping women will stop falling for these scams, he uploaded a video urging Malaysian women to choose our local boys instead.

Chee Heng, or more fondly known as Abang Kentang, said,

“Women, please listen here, especially woman that is single. (If) you are lonely, you are frustrated in your love (life), you are targetted.

“Do not believe this internet love. If you want, there are Malaysians. I think there are a lot of good Malaysian men, handsome like me, waiting for you.”

“To all lonely women, listen here. We are Malaysian men, we are waiting for you. Why go and look for outside (foreigners). [sic]

“Malaysian men are waiting for you. Don’t be so gatal-gatal for foreign bananas. Foreign pisang aren’t that good. Choose Malaysian pisang instead because they are original.”

“Don’t take foreign pisang. Malaysian pisang are more original than original.”

So remember ladies, there are handsome local men like Abang Kentang around so don’t chase after those random guys you meet online. Go for local bananas instead!

Watch Chee Heng’s heartfelt yet funny rant over here:

[arve url=”https://www.facebook.com/kuan.cheeheng/videos/1481158721895892/” maxwidth=”400″ aspect_ratio=”1:1.9″/]

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