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It Vacuums! It Mops! And It’s Under RM800?! Here’s Why M’sians Should Try This Japanese-Inspired Cleaner!


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Say, is it just us, or did vacuum cleaners worldwide experience some sort of technological evolution?? It seemed like it was only yesterday when cordless stick vacuum cleaners were all the rage after they started gaining traction in the household appliance market.

But now as Malaysians are on the lookout for new and easier ways to keep their house squeaky clean and spotless, Tenka Ryohin comes barging into the scene with their Japanese-inspired line of high-tech vacuum cleaners!

From near-infinite hair strands to stubborn food stains, Tenka Ryohin’s Kyu K9 is the ultimate tool to help you clean ’em all!

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“But what’s so special about their vacuum cleaner ah? Lots of high-tech cleaners come from Japan meh!” Bold words coming from someone who hasn’t tried Tenka Ryohin’s Kyu K9 Cordless Handheld Mop/Vacuum Cleaner! Here’s why this state-of-the-art product is so unique!:


1. It saves your time by vacuuming and mopping all at once!

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Let’s address the elephant in the room; the Tenka Ryohin Kyu K9 is a vacuum-mop combo that can clean AND wash the dirtiest bare floors faster than any other machine on the market! Using their strong motorised roller brush, the Kyu K9 can pick up dirt and debris in addition to scrubbing off tough stains and grime all at the same time!

With the Kyu K9, why vacuum before you mop when you can save time and do both at once?!


2. Its cleaning ability is so powerful even Naruto would be jealous!

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With their brushless direct current (BLDC) motor, the Kyu K9 boasts a strong suction level of 28,000 PA which easily helps users scrub away at stubborn grime, food stains, and solid debris with just one push of the button! Pair this with their nifty motorised roller brush, your house cleaning experience is guaranteed to be just as smooth as your floor after it’s cleaned with the Kyu K9!

Here are some examples of waste that the Kyu K9 can clean much more efficiently than other tools!:

  • Spaghetti
  • Eggshells
  • Oil stains
  • Tomato sauce
  • Hair (Dry Mode)

“Wait a second, did you say ‘Dry Mode'”?


3. You can switch between Wet Mode and Dry Mode at will!

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We get it; using the mop function when you’re just trying to suck up some hair or debris is counterintuitive. Which is why the Kyu K9 comes with a Dry Mode to help you do some normal cleaning! Just press the Dry Mode button and your friendly Kyu K9 will stop the water outflow and you’ll get to enjoy a session of old-fashioned dry cleaning! Perfect for when you only need the vacuum part of the vacuum-mop combo!


4. 600ml dirty water tank + 4000mAH battery = Efficient cleaning!

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Worried that dirty water will contaminate your tank as you clean? Well, worry no more! The Kyu K9 has separate clean and dirty water tanks which are installed masterfully to ensure that no dirt will get into the clean water tank from either outside or from the dirty tank!

Plus, the capacity for both tanks are huge, which means you get to cover more ground with your cleaning! At 550ml for the clean water tank and 600ml for the dirty water tank, you’ll be able to clean an area of up to 1,200sqft without cleaning or refilling the tanks too often! And did we mention that at a full charge, the Kyu K9’s 4,000mAH battery can give you up to 60 minutes of runtime? Now that’s what we call efficient!


5. The Kyu K9 cleans itself as it charges, too!

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As the Kyu K9 is a cordless cleaner that operates on a battery, it comes with its own charging station too. But wait! The station not only functions as a charging dock; it also gets the Kyu K9 to clean itself too! Just put back the cleaner in the charging dock and press Auto-Clean so that it can clean its roller brush in just one minute after you’re done with your own cleaning session!


“Well, I’ll be! The Kyu K9 is quite the handy cleaner!”

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It sure is! And aside from the functions we’ve mentioned above, there are a bunch more awesome features which prove why Tenka Ryohin’s Kyu K9 is the best cleaner on the market!:

  • It’s surprisingly light: With a net weight of just 4kg, handling the Kyu K9 is quite easy, especially as most of the weight is at the bottom part of the cleaner.
  • User-friendly: Has a digital display to help you monitor battery level, water tank levels, and even the motor temperature.
  • Compatible with Tenka Ryohin’s cleaning solution: Perfect if you want your floor to smell good and be clean at the same time. The first bottle of solution is free upon purchase courtesy of Tenka Ryohin!
  • Automatic water dispensing: Makes for easier cleaning so you don’t have to keep pressing the water outflow button like other multipurpose cleaners on the market.
  • Long warranty period: You get 2 years warranty on all motor parts!

And that is why we believe Tenka Ryohin’s Kyu K9 is the ultimate vacuum cleaner with awesome features to make the best out of your housekeeping experience!

All of this in ONE cleaner and it only costs RM799?! You’d better believe it!

Inspired by and designed with Japanese technology but still so cheap eh?! Now, this vacuum cleaner is DEFINITELY worth every ringgit a Malaysian could invest in it! When it comes to high quality and low prices, Tenka Ryohin delivers BOTH!

And speaking of high quality for low prices, Tenka Ryohin also has many other cool high-tech cordless and robot vacuums available for cheap on their catalogue! Check them out!:

Sold on the Tenka Ryohin Kyu K9 Cordless Handheld Mop/Vacuum Cleaner like we are? Then order it now on Shopee quickly before they run out! For the latest info on Tenka Ryohin’s products, go to their website or check out their social media pages below:

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