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Indonesian Woman Sends Poisoned Satay To Kill Ex-BF, Food Rider’s Son Dies Instead



Source: KOMPASTV | YouTube & Shutterstock

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A 25-year-old Indonesian woman planned to kill her ex-boyfriend by sending him satay laced with poison. However, this resulted in the death of an innocent eight-year-old boy instead.

According to Astro Awani, the incident happened in Bantul, Yogyakarta on 25 April when the woman asked a delivery man named Bandiman to send some food to her ex-boyfriend.

However, the ex-boyfriend’s wife refused to accept the delivery as she did not know who the sender was. Instead, she handed the satay back to Bandiman and told him to bring it home to buka puasa. 

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Later that day, Bandiman’s son ate the satay laced with potassium cyanide. He vomited and fainted before he was taken to the hospital, but was soon pronounced dead, as reported by Tribunnews. Bandiman’s wife also managed to eat some skewers but the effect was not bad.

The police opened an investigation and managed to identify the food deliveryman and arrested the woman on 30 April.

Director of General Criminal Investigation, Bantul Police, Yogyakarta, West Java, Burkan Rudi Satria said that the woman’s actions were motivated by revenge because her ex-boyfriend had married another woman.

“The suspect bought chicken satay and sprinkled the poison before asking Bandiman, who was resting in Jalan Gayam, Yogyakarta, to send the food to her ex-boyfriend’s house in Bantul in Yogyakarta,” he said.

He added that the woman did not use any online application and did not provide her true identity and now faces the death penalty if convicted.

Meanwhile, the deliveryman, Bandiman, said he regrets what happened to his son and blamed himself for bringing home the satay.

“I am just sorry for what happened. My son died because I brought the satay home. My intention was just to send the food,” he said.

“If I knew the satay was mixed with poison, all this would not have happened.”

According to another report by Astro Awani, Bandiman said he received an order from a woman who randomly came up to him and asked him to deliver food to a friend.

“She told me there was no delivery application, and asked me to send it to a person named Tomi in Villa Bukit Asri, Sembungan, Kasihan, Bantul,” he said.

The woman told Bandiman to refer to her as “Hamid from Pakualaman”. However, when he arrived at Tomi’s house, Tomi said she didn’t know a “Hamid”.

“After I called, it was true that the person who picked up the phone was named Tomi and her address was also correct. But she said she did not have a friend named Hamid in Pakualaman,” he said.

Bandiman was then asked to take the food home to buka puasa. 


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Source: Tribunnews

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