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“If You Eat Fast, That May Mean You’re Selfish,” Says Japanese Tarot Reader


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Eating is considered one of the most important things to do in our daily lives. Based on the Japanese news site Uranai TV, Japanese tarot reader Mochizuki Anshia has explained and categorised four types of eating habits.

Each of these eating habits has its own characteristics and may reflect your personality.


Eating the food you enjoy, first

  • When it comes to eating what you love most first (aka eating the fried chicken drumstick first), it could mean that you’re very timely and well-organised.
  • People like these are best to work with, and you won’t have to worry when giving them a task.

Eating the food you enjoy, last

  • People who’d eat what they love towards the end of their meal usually indicate that they’re very goal-oriented.
  • They would have their goals set; rest assured, they won’t stop until they reach them.
  • To them, eating could be seen as a task and the food they enjoy most would be the reward. Once they’ve completed their tasks (eating other food on their plate), they’d reward themselves (eating the food they’ll enjoy most).

Eating everything off your plate

  • Even when it comes to the lettuce at the side or the cucumbers in the Nasi Lemak, they’re most likely very trustworthy and kind if they’re the type that’ll finish it regardless.
  •  The reason for finishing everything on the plate could be out of courtesy to the chef or shop owners.

Eating really fast

  • When eating really fast, it could be seen as a form of motivation, and everything is on the go for them.
  •  It could be seen as impatient and selfish to some, especially if they’re on their phone after finishing a meal.

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So, the next time you’re out with friends or colleagues, maybe take note of their eating habits; who knows, you might learn something new about them!


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Source: Pexels
Source: pexels
Source: pexels

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