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Hilarious ‘Boyfriend Rental’ Post By Malaysian Guy Gets Overwhelming Response



Netizens Are In Love With Malaysian Guy After He Posted 'Boyfriend Rental' Service - World Of Buzz 1

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Y’all might have heard of China or Singaporean guys posting their services as temporary boyfriends recently. Well, guess what? Now, we got a Malaysian posting about this service!

Zeann Jian, a 26-year-old Chinese Malaysian took to Facebook to rent himself out. This creative lad works in the sales and media industry, so it’s no wonder his post blew up overnight.

Besides that, he will definitely blow the socks off your nosy aunties with all his charms and his dashing smile.

Going for RM88/day to RM888 for the whole Chinese New year, this guy set up his own rate card and described why he makes the best boyfriend for rent.

This 26-year old shares on his Facebook post:

– Sales person
– Media planning
– Mazda 3. 2.0cc
– Studied in Taylor’s Lakeside University
– Pet friendly
– Aunties friendly

– Mandarin 9/10
– Cantonese 9/10
– English 8/10
– Malay 7/10
– Fuzhou 9/10
– French 1/10

Fun fact
– The only child.
– 2 people who said I’m beautiful. My mom and James Blunt.
– Used to be fat, got fitter now. Shows dedication.
– Can eat a 12″ pizza by myself.
– Sweet talker, able to convince a 100kg lady that she looks like Taylor Swift.

– BFE (BoyFriend Experience)
– Finish your plate’s leftover
– Answer difficult queries by aunties
– Fake engagement*
– Call your parents Pa & Ma*
– Provide a photo album of us (7 working days)*
– Can travel to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China upon request*
*Additional charges applied
– Overnight
– Vegan diet
– Gamble
– Drink much alcohol
– Kill 2 cockroaches at the same time

Choices of persona:-
A. Professional
B. Fitness junkie
C. Ex-gay then you turned me straight
D. Rich ass millionaire*
E. Chinese Batman*
*Sponsored role.
Combination allowed.

Dates are limited, act now! Don’t let your aunties laugh at you.

For more info, follow me on Instagram: zeannjian

Amazingly, this guy got quite an overwhelming response, and he jokingly claims to have appointed his friend Ken Joe as his manager.

From renting girlfriends to boyfriends, I guess this Chinese New Year will certainly be an interesting one huh?

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