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Here’s Why Lim Kit Siang May Not Take Up Any Minister Posts in the New Cabinet



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Source: The rocket / Malay Mail

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The 14th general election is definitely one of the most memorable ones, especially for the former opposition as they’ve finally managed to overturn Barisan Nasional and form the federal government.

Now is the time when the former opposition leaders get to become the ministers and run the country, but apparently Lim Kit Siang, or fondly known as Uncle Kit Siang, may not consider taking up any post. Wait, but why? 

Source: Malay Mail

A spokesperson from Pakatan Harapan told Sinchew that the 77-year-old leader from Democratic Action Party (DAP) has realised his dream – which is to overturn the former BN-led government, and that’s exactly what happened this GE14! It’s possible that he may retreat and focus only on the party matters and won’t request for any minister post.

“It all depends whether Lim Kit Siang wants to accept any minister posts or not, but it is believed that he wants to avoid unnecessary rumours, so he’d most probably show no interest in any minister post. It all depends on what he chooses,” the spokesperson said.

Source: Utusan

After learning about this news, netizens expressed their admiration towards Uncle Kit Siang and thanked him for his contribution to the country.

“This is why I look up to him. To be honest, he’s the real winner in this general election. He has won the heart of the rakyat and realised his lifelong dream,” a netizen said. 

It was certainly not easy being part of the then opposition party in Malaysia. Lim Kit Siang’s debut in the political scene can be traced back to the late ’60s when he was the National Organising Secretary of DAP from 1966 to 1969. He was detained under ISA for 18 months in 1969, and 17 months in 1987 during the Operation Lalang.

Source: The Rocket

Despite all the hardships, he soldiered on and led the party to great success. Let’s hope that the current federal government can serve the rakyat better and most importantly, reduce our national debt.

We’d like to thank all the former opposition members for their contribution and sacrifices thus far!


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