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Here’s Why Everyone’s Talking About Clubhouse & How You Can Join!



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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, most of you would have seen people sharing posts and stories about a new application – Clubhouse while scrolling through your timelines and stories. It’s even become one of the top apps on the Applestore!

What’s all the hype about? 

Wondering why everyone’s talking about Clubhouse? Let’s start with what the app really is.

Clubhouse is a social networking application that works as a live audio podcast, where you can hold group discussions, interviews, and conversations on different topics with people all around the world who have mutual interests with you. These may even be famous, or they might be really experienced and knowledgeable in your area of interest (although none of this is guaranteed).

In the application, you can get to choose various topics that you are interested in, including tech, arts, wellness, entertainment, and knowledge, according to PC Mag.

On a side note, when you successfully log in to your account, your friends will receive notifications and they can also hold a live podcast “Welcome Party” for you. Other friends who see it will be able to join the welcome party together as well!

You will also receive a notification (provided that you enable your notifications) if the person you are following is scheduling or holding an audio-chat room in the application!

You can also casually start a room to have discussions or conversations with other people. Make sure you remember to add a topic so that people will join if they think they are interested in this topic! There are three rooms that everyone starts with:

  • The open room which is open to everyone,
  • The social room which is open to people you follow,
  • and lastly, the closed room where you start a room for a group of selected individuals!

How do I sign up?

What makes Clubhouse so exclusive is that you can’t just join after downloading the app. You have to wait for an existing Clubhouse user to send you an invitation from their app in order to give you access to set up a Clubhouse account.

Only when you are invited, will you receive an SMS with a link attached for you to sign in to your account! Do take note that each existing user can only send two invites at first.

You can press “Let them in!” to welcome your friend!


Sadly Clubhouse isn’t available for Android users just yet and can only be found in the Apple Appstore for now, you can click here to download it!


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