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“When will I receive my parcel?” Here Are 5 Reasons Why Online Sellers Will LOVE This New 4-Hour Delivery Service!



Source: WOB & Travel Daily

Online shopping is one of the internet’s finest inventions and it has been extremely helpful especially since we started staying at home. But it does require a lot of patience for both the shopper and the seller, especially when dealing with customers who expect the item to magically appear on their doorstep as soon as they’ve paid.

So to all online sellers out there, before you hear one more “excuse me, where is my parcel ah?”, let us tell you about this new delivery service that will make your life a whole lot easier!

We’re talking about none other than the GrabExpress 4-Hour Delivery Service!

Yup, that’s right! Now, shoppers will get to enjoy same-day delivery from your favourite online shops with this GrabExpress 4-Hour Delivery service. No need to make a quick run to the store. Instead, just stay at home and let the store come to you! 😉

Want to know what else is so special about this new service? Here’s everything you need to know about it that we’re sure you’ll absolutely love!


1. The delivery fee starts from a flat rate of RM5 only!

When you see ‘same-day delivery’, you probably think it’ll cost a fortune which wouldn’t be worth it. But with GrabExpress’ 4-Hour Delivery, you’ll be surprised to find out that the price starts from a flat rate of RM5 ONLY for delivery within 10KM and RM7 for delivery within 15KM.

In case you’re wondering how the pricing works for this new 4-Hour Delivery service, the charges will be based on a flat-rate that is charged based on the different distance tiers. You can check out the price range here:

With the usual immediate deliveries, the price might get a bit pricey as it is charged per km. But with this new service, it will help to control the fare for those long-distance deliveries and you also don’t have to worry about your buyers questioning you about overcharging them.


2. Items will be delivered within FOUR hours!

This is probably the best part of this new service. Now, all your items will arrive within just 4-hours of delivery time upon ordering! How this works is that within the first two hours of ordering, the app will work to find you a nearby delivery partner. You will receive an ETA on when you will get a driver and you will also be notified once a driver has been assigned to you.

This means that all you need to do is stay at home and focus on your business while the app does all the work for you until the driver arrives to pick up your item! Within the next two hours, the driver will deliver your package straight to the recipient’s door!


3. Live tracking will be available for both the sender and recipient

Similar to the GrabCar or GrabFood functions, the GrabExpress deliveries will also come with a live tracking function so you can make sure that your items arrive safely. This will be available on the app and on their webpage in case your recipient might not have the app.  

You can say goodbye to those anxious days you spent tracking your items every 30 minutes just to see that it’s barely moving.

Additionally, the moment you’ve booked the delivery, the recipient will also get notified about the delivery so it will be convenient for both parties! This means you won’t have to worry about the recipient not being at home or the whole “eh, have you sent out my order already?” situation. What’s more, this function will also help to eliminate the probability of your parcel going missing. Bless you, GrabExpress!


4. It’s super easy to use! 

If you’re already familiar with using GrabCar or GrabFood, then we bet you won’t have a problem navigating your way through this new service! For online shoppers out there, all you need to do to enjoy this 4-hour delivery service is follow these steps:

1. Open your Grab app and tap on ‘Express’.


2. Key in the pick-up and drop-off locations. 


3. Fill up the recipient’s information including name, mobile number and their exact address. 

Make sure to also fill up the item details such as its category and weight.


4. Before you proceed to book, make sure you’ve chosen the 4-Hour Delivery service instead of instant delivery!

5. Confirm your booking by clicking ‘Confirm and Book’ and the app will find you a nearby driver. 

Pro tip: make sure to get your parcels all ready so that you’re prepared once the driver arrives. It will also help to label each of your packages to avoid any probability of parcels being wrongly delivered!


6. Once you’ve booked, you will be notified on when you will get a driver. 

Remember when we said the app will find you a driver within the first two hours? You will receive an ETA on when you will get a driver so you don’t have to just wait around staring at the app!

Once a driver is assigned to your delivery, you will immediately be notified with the ETA on when he will arrive for pick-up so you will have time to prepare.


7. Track your parcel using the live tracking function to ensure that it is safely delivered.

Once the driver is on his way, your customer will be notified that a delivery is heading their way. Also, as we’ve mentioned, the live tracking link will be available for both parties to view so it’s easier to see if the delivery has been made!

A receipt of delivery will be sent to you once the order has been completed.


And, that’s it! What’s not to love about this delivery? It’s fast, convenient and affordably priced. Plus, by using this service, not only will you get to help local sellers but you’ll also be doing your part by staying safe at home.

This new 4-Hour Delivery service is currently only available in Klang Valley from 12PM – 4PM for now. However, they are working hard to extend the timing of the service and expand to more cities soon so stay tuned, okay!

If you want to know more about GrabExpress’ 4-Hour Delivery service, you can head on to their website here. Don’t forget to also download their app on App Store and Google Play.

Remember to stay safe at home and just do all your shopping online, okay!

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Source: Travel Daily
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