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Here’s What You Need to Do If You Lose Your IC, Driver’s License and/or Passport


Here'S What M'Sians Need To Do If They Lose Their Ic, Driver'S License And/Or Passport - World Of Buzz 5
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You may have lost some important cards or documents once before because you were careless or perhaps you completely forgot about them somewhere and you went all kelam-kabut; or maybe you were the victim of a robbery or snatch theft, either way, when you lose important cards and documents like your identification card (IC), competent driver’s license (CDL) and/or passport, things can get quite difficult (and stressful)!

Well, in case you or a friend or family member ever has to go through the pain of losing any of the above documents (touch wood), here’s what you need to do (other than not panic):

1. If you lose your IC

Here's What M'sians Need To Do If They Lose Their Ic, Driver's License And/Or Passport - World Of Buzz 2

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Misplacing or losing your IC is a huge deal. Should it fall into the wrong hands, you could easily become a victim of identity theft! So if you do lose it, make sure you:

  1. Make a police report for IC’s lost due to crime or negligence at your nearest police station or make an e-report here (if it isn’t crime related)
  2. With your police report, visit any Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) branch OR replace your lost IC online using JPN’s “MyKad Replacement System” (if no change of photograph/particulars is required)
  3. On top of the RM10 application fee, a processing fee is also required, and for each time you lose your IC, this is the fee:
    • First loss: RM100
    • Second loss: RM300
    • Third and subsequent losses: RM1,000 (and subject to an investigation by JPN officials)

For those who successfully manage to replace their lost IC’s online, you would have to pick up your brand new IC from the JPN Wilayah Persekutuan branch in Putrajaya after 24 hours.


2. If you lose your CDL

Here's What M'sians Need To Do If They Lose Their Ic, Driver's License And/Or Passport - World Of Buzz 3

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Losing your driver’s license would mean not being able to drive too, unless you want to risk getting fined. So here’s what you need to do if:

You NEED to drive but have no time to replace your CDL

  1. Visit your nearest police station to make a report for a small fee, this will allow you to drive for one to two weeks only without a CDL
  2. Be sure to have the report with you at all times while driving in case you get pulled over

You need to get a new CDL after losing yours

  1. Visit your nearest Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) branch and bring along your IC and a coloured photograph of yourself
    • If you aren’t in a rush to drive after losing your license, you do not need to make a police report
  2. At the counter, inform the teller that you lost your CDL and would like a new one
  3. You will receive your new CDL within a few minutes or an hour, depending on the crowd

A RM20 fine will be imposed on all driver’s licenses lost.


3. If you lose BOTH your IC and CDL

Star Trek Facepalm Gif

Your IC is required for you to apply for a new CDL, so make sure you get your new IC from JPN first before heading to a JPJ branch for your new license! Just follow the above steps!


4. What to do if you lose your passport

Here's What M'sians Need To Do If They Lose Their Ic, Driver's License And/Or Passport - World Of Buzz 1

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Malaysian passports are known to be one of the most powerful passports in the world, allowing its owners to travel to over 156 countries without a visa or qualify for visa-on-travel. If you lose yours or it gets stolen, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make a police report
    • If your passport went missing or got damaged because of a fire, obtain a certified report from the Fire and Rescue Department as well
    • If your passport went missing or got damaged because of a natural disaster, obtain a letter from local authorities as well- Dewan Bandaraya, Majlis Perbandaran, or Majlis Daerah.
  2. Report it to the Immigration Department to prevent anyone else from misusing your passport
    • If you lose it overseas, report it at the nearest Malaysian Representative Office immediately
  3. Complete the IM.42c form and prepare to submit these documents to the immigration’s officer:
    1. IC
    2. Police report
    3. Other report of lost passport, where applicable
    4. Birth cert
    5. Copy of last passport, if any
    6. Marriage/ divorce cert, if 18 years or younger
    7. Employment confirmation letter, if working abroad
    8. Letter of offer for studying abroad, if applicable
  4. The application for a new passport would cost RM200

Well there you have it, should you ever be caught in such a situation, you’ll know exactly what to do! Most importantly, just remember not to panic. Be sure to tell your friends and share this article, you never know when this info will come in handy! After all, it’s always best to sediakan payung sebelum hujan!


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Here's What M'sians Need To Do If They Lose Their Ic, Driver's License And/Or Passport - World Of Buzz 4

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