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Guy Dates Popular Girl in Uni, Gets Killed by Jealous Seniors Who Had a Crush on Her



Uni Student Killed by Seniors for Going Out With Popular Girl They All Have Crush On - World Of Buzz
Source: Sinchew
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This is what happens when jealousy has gone too far.

A 21-year-old varsity student was brutally killed by several other students, just because he went out with the popular girl at their university. This shocking incident happened in Chaiyaphum province in Thailand on August 26.

Source: Thai Blogs

It was reported that during the night of the incident, the victim had a night out with the 18-year-old girl but they weren’t alone. In fact, they were out together with five other friends to paint the town red. They indulged in games and food at a local entertainment centre until the closing hours.

The victim and the girl then walked to the parking lot to retrieve his motorbike. That was when a group of young men, who claimed to be seniors at the university, began chasing the duo. Seeing that, they fled on the motorbike with the seniors giving chase.

The duo lost control and then fell to the ground after their bike was kicked by one of the seniors. The group then turned even more aggressive and beat up the male victim. Although the girl kept pleading them to stop, the group ignored her.

A few of them even picked up rocks and bricks from the roadside and hit the victim’s head until he dropped to the ground, after which they fled the scene.

Source: Sinchew

The police received the report at 3.30am and discovered the victim lying in a pool of blood in front of a thrift shop, with part of his brain exposed.

Preliminary investigation showed that the group of youngsters were jealous and angry at the victim for going out with the girl, whom they all had a crush on. So they plotted to teach him a lesson for having a date with her.

The police has identified an attacker’s name and believe that all the seniors involved in this attack will soon be exposed.

It’s truly shocking to see such barbaric behaviour coming from a group of educated university students. The victim would’ve still been alive if the attackers were able to think rationally. 


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