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Guy Calls Out Men For Sleeping with ‘Working Girls’ in SG While Wives are in Malaysia



Source: Lokido - provided to WOB

There are plenty of Malaysians over at Singapore for work. With the current situation upon us, and having the borders closed, many see themselves separated from their family and loved ones.

Lokido who hails from Alor Setar recently shared his observation of an acquaintance he met. What this acquaintance said blew his mind so much so that he had to share it on Facebook.

He shared,

“Due to border control, going back to Malaysia from Singapore is almost impossible. Just a return trip costs over thousands of SGD. With the wives or girlfriends stuck at home, what are the men doing to satisfy their biological needs?

“When I was chatting with a group of male friends, a few of the guys (they are my friend’s friends. I am not close to them, they are just an acquaintance) shared with us that they’ve started engaging with ‘working girls’.

“They would visit the bars near Geylang or Chinatown, and a few girls would strike up conversations with them. They’d drink and chitchat, then go back together. One time costs SGD100-200. If you got the prettier girls, it’s about SGD400-800.”

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Lokido started asking these men some questions, and here are their responses:

Them: It’s been a long time since we’ve made love with our wives/girlfriends, so we’re just looking for a woman’s warm presence.

Me: So, it’s just a biological need?

Them: Yes, plus what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

Me: But if it’s just a biological need, men can use their hands, toys, adult films. Especially now that the market has a lot of ways for self-satisfaction, why is there a need to spend money on working girls?

Them: That’s not the same. Those can’t satisfy us. We need the warmth of a body, and the moaning sounds.

Me: Then, if your wife/girlfriend is also lonely at home, and they go out seeking for pleasure, are you able to accept it?

Them: No way. If that happens, then I’m considered being cuckolded.

Me: But, if the women don’t let you guys know about it, then it’s okay right? You won’t be hurt.

Them: No, no. Women are not allowed to behave this way.

“After hearing from them. I just nodded and changed the topic of conversation.”

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The double standard mentality was mind-blowing

Lokido further shares,

“I’m not pretending to be on a high horse or anything, as people have different moral values and in the end, actions are up to them. However, one thing I believe everyone can agree on is to NOT have double standards.

“How is it fair that the husband is able to do it, but the wife can’t? Men can do this, but women can’t.”

“Everyone has their own biological needs right? I really don’t get it.”

“If the man can’t accept his own wife going out seeking pleasure for her biological needs, then as the husband, he needs to learn from that.”

“Remember: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

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Lokido shares with WORLD OF BUZZ that his motive for writing this post is to spread more awareness, and that such mentality is NOT OKAY. 

He ends the post by saying that in a marriage and relationship, there’s no wrong nor right. But at least, have some basic respect for each other. There shouldn’t be double standards, where ‘I can do this, but you can’t’.

“Creating a happy family requires the effort and time of all parties. But destroying a happy family, only requires one person and an hour to do it.”

“Everyone is working hard, to give themselves and their family a better life. So, don’t forget your goals (of why you’re out working in the first place), and don’t forget about the happy family you’ve built – and your wife who’s waiting for you at home.”

“To men out there who are in a committed marriage/relationship, if you need to ‘get off’, just DIY. In this modern day, the market has a lot of new technology for your own pleasure.”


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